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22 Sep 2015

The Wall Street Journal has premiered “Love Grow Cold”, a new song from Blitzen Trapper’s forthcoming album All Across This Land.

WSJ: The song is a wistful blend of downcast synthesizers, steel guitar and bright washes of reverberating electric guitar, along with Earley’s worn-in voice as he beseeches, “Honey, don’t you let your love grow cold.” The singer says he took inspiration from Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” and the Replacements’ “Rock and Roll Ghost.

I wanted it to be moody and tragic,” Earley says by email. “The lyrics are an attempt to call someone back from the edge where they might be wanting to give up on love.

Pre-Order on iTunes and get THREE tracks now:


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07 Jan 2015

Here’s “Fathers Day”:

It’s a new year… i’ve been wanting you to hear this new song i wrote.. i started writing a song after Big Butch passed away a year ago.. i just couldn’t finish it without losing my words. my buddy Ryan Adams helped me really focus and finish the thoughts. needless to say, i think it might be the closest i have ever been to one of my songs (for obvious reasons). this one goes out to my Son AND my Dad – Butch.

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