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09 Nov 2016

Butch Walker smiles and shreds his way through a live version of “Stay Gold,” the title track from his newest solo release, during a new performance on the AT&T Audience Network in the US. The televised concert focuses on songs from Stay Gold, with rock & roll guitars and sing-along choruses that find Walker putting a positive spin on the listlessness that filled his childhood days in a small, dead-end Southern hometown.


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14 Oct 2016

From 90s power pop hit maker Marvelous 3 to producer and songwriter for mega stars like Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift, and Weezer, Butch Walker has worn many hats in his two-plus decades in the music Industry. But in his own music, you’ll find that he has a lot more in common with the artists that he grew up listening to. In this instalment of Song Stories, Walker talks about his process, how a producer’s role has changed, and how he drew inspiration from mid-80s era Petty, Mellencamp, and the Boss when making his new record, Stay Gold.


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21 Sep 2016

Welcome to my latest video! This one is for the song “East Coast Girl” and it’s AWESOME. Take a little trip down Dystopian lane, complete with an evil dictator played by my buddy and legend Michael Des Barres. Enjoy it and play it loud.

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