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25 May 2018

David Myhr has revealed the details of bonus tracks included on the CD version of his new album Lucky Day. CD listeners have been surprised to find FOUR exclusive tracks at the end of the album:

  • “Military Madness”, originally by Graham Nash,
  • “My Messed Up Friend”, originally by Lucky Day album co-producer Brad Jones,
  • “Somewhere In My Heart”, originally by Aztec Camera,
  • “Spellbound” the original recording, featured in the 2016 Swedish feature film “Flykten till Framtiden” (“My Future Love”)

Lucky Day is out now no Lojinx CD, digital and 180g vinyl LP.

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03 Feb 2018

David Myhr has revealed the first song from his long-awaited new album! Watch & listen now to lead track “Jealous Sun”, co-written with label-mate Bleu. Recorded in Nashville with Brad Jones, the album, titled Lucky Day, will be released in May. You can preorder it on LP, CD or digital HERE.

David Myhr - Lucky Day (lojinx)

iTunes, Amazon MP3 & Lojinx pre-orders get instant grat download of this first single, Jealous Sun. Also streaming on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music, and more.

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14 Oct 2016

On the 11th of November Flykten till Framtiden (English: “My Future Love“) hits cinemas in Sweden. The feature-length film is directed by Ulf Malmros and Jaana Fomin and stars Henrik Dorsin, Elias Palin, Victoria Dyrstad and Johan Ulveson.

The time-travel themed narrative is partially set in 1973 and for this composer Jimmy Lagnefors was hired to create a soundtrack authentic to the period. When the directors specifically requested a song that “sounds like Electric Light Orchestra” Lagnefors brought in songwriter/artist David Myhr to collaborate.

Myhr, with his background in the 90’s power pop combo The Merrymakers and, in particular, his 2012 album Soundshine, has demonstrated a knack for creating fresh, modern, pop music with roots firmly in the classic tradition of McCartney & Lynne. It was no surprise that Myhr jumped at the chance!

David Myhr - Spellbound (lojinx)

Lagnefors and Myhr were also behind the song Vänta inte på mig (“Don’t wait for me”) in last year’s Swedish box office smash “Micke & Veronica”. With the new song “Spellbound” the songwriting duo have created “the song that E.L.O. never made”. It features heavily in the film and plays when the credits roll.

David Myhr’s single “Spellbound” is out now!

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23 Mar 2015

David Myhr is back with a single release featuring cover versions of two classic songs from his own childhood record collection, records that were spinning on his turntable and in his head when he first started out writing pop music.

The A-side features his own inimitable take on Elvis Costello’s 1989 classic “Veronica”, recorded for Myhr’s contribution to the recently released American compilation “Beyond Belief: A tribute to Elvis Costello“. Other contributors included Matthew Sweet, The Rubinoos and Lojinx label mate Mike Viola. The highly recommended compilation is out on Spyder Records and the proceedings goes to charity.

“Veronica” was co-written with Paul McCartney and Myhr declares it his favourite Costello song in no small part influenced by his life-long obsession with The Beatles.

Though “Veronica” was Costello’s most successful song in the US it has so far been covered by very few artists (we believe this is the first time that a cover version finds its way out onto Spotify).

The digital release includes B-side tune “Oh Susie”, the debut single from 1979 by the Swedish new wave/pop band “Secret Service”. Myhr says:

It was evening sun in my old home town Piteå in the north of Sweden. I was eighteen and cruising around in my first car when this song first came on the radio. It immediately struck a chord with me. Its melancholy seemed to me to have an almost Harrison-esque vibe. I found out it was from a Swedish band from the seventies called Secret Service and we used to include it in our otherwise sixties dominated cover repertoire. The singer Ola Håkansson had been a star already in the sixties with Ola & The Janglers and later became, and still is, a legendary music business mogul. It was he who first gave my former band The Merrymakers our first record deal.

The original has a distinct disco flavor but David Myr’s version perhaps gives it a more timeless appeal.

Myhr’s take on “Oh Susie” is also featured on an American compilation album “Even More Superhits of the Seventies” which he was invited to participate together with, among others, Lojinx label mates Marshall Crenshaw and They Might Be Giants.

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