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09 Sep 2016

Two bits of exciting news! First off, GigSlutz have premiered a new lyric video for the radio version of “Funny How Good It Feels“! A tongue-in-cheek homage to questionable 80’s TV advertising, channel hopping and VHS era living.

Secondly, the new Deluxe Edition of Serious Poke is out now on digital stores! It features 6 bonus tracks of live acoustic versions & remixes.


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11 Aug 2016

Premiered at The Fader yesterday, Butch Walker has revealed another track from his forthcoming album, Stay Gold.

This is a song I’ve had brewing since the beginning of the Stay Gold album writing. Still one of my favorite songs to perform from the new record and it syncs up perfectly to The Wizard of Oz when you play it simultaneously. I’m also not telling the truth. Anyways, hope you enjoy “Wilder in the Heart”. Turn it up and drive into the sunset with this one. It sounds better that way. Plus, it was recorded with real bits of sunset, so you know it’s good…

Butch Walker’s new album Stay Gold will be available on a limited edition of 500 gatefold heavyweight gold vinyl LP, in addition to CD & digital. Lojinx direct pre-orders can also opt for an exclusive metallic-gold printed t-shirt bundle. Lojinx, iTunes and Amazon MP3 pre-orders include  instant grat downloads of “Stay Gold”, “East Coast Girl”, “Descending” and “Ludlow Expectations”, with “Wilder in the Heart” added tomorrow (12th August).

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Alternatively, support your local record store and request Lojinx LJX107LP or LJX107CD.

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