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16 Feb 2022

The soulful space-rock Astral Drive song machine returns hot-on-the heels of 2021’s self-titled “orange” album with a new melody-infused dream pop EP.

‘I Can Dream’ kicks off the three song collection at rocket-fueled tempo with a familiar Astral meter-bending level of free spirited playing. Packed with soulful, sunshine powered harmony vocals, uplifting lyrical themes prevail:

“I may never fly to the stars,
or dance like Fred Astaire,
but as long as I have high hopes,
I can be just who I am.
And i can dream”

‘I Can Dream’ is accompanied by a unique video promo starring the coolest fridge ever seen in a rock star kitchen. If you look close enough you’ll see a few nods to the musical influences of the Astral Drive sound.

Track two is a breathless cover of Todd Rundgren’s ‘Something To Fall Back On’. Re-arranged from Rundgren’s pioneering 80s digital ‘a cappella’ treatment into an Astral melange of plaintive string quartet, Weezer style party-rock and a healthy disrespect for the original.

Last up is ‘Amnesia’, an out take from the ‘orange’ album sessions. Crashing drums, trademark harmony vocals and throbbing synths accompany lyrical contemplations:

“Could you be a whole new human?
Or suffer the same delusions?
If you hit erase,
On the life you can’t face,
Would the future you taste,
Be sweet and new?”

The track was co-written with Canadian musician and journalist Paul Myers.

Bathe in the sonic sunshine of Astral Drive and who knows where your dreams could take you?

Astral Drive’s ‘I Can Dream’ EP is out now on British indie label Lojinx.

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26 Apr 2019

David Myhr’s video for new single “Lovebug” is out now! The song, from the Lucky Day album, was co-written by LA favourite Linus Of Hollywood and the video is directed by Alexander Edström from footage shot during the album recording in Nashville and Stockholm.

David Myhr

Fans of David Myhr‘s 2018 CD album Lucky Day were delighted and confused, in equal measure, to discover the 10-track CD was actually 14 songs. The 4 undisclosed bonus tracks were not listed on the artwork, or otherwise announced, and were added to the CD as a surprise for those who supported the physical release.

David explains his selection of the 3 cover songs and 4th bonus track:

Military Madness (Graham Nash) – “I love a lot of 60’s music and one of my favourite bands is The Hollies, not least because of Graham Nash’s high harmony vocals. However, I never got to love any particular album as much as I did Graham Nash’s first solo album (Songs for Beginners, 1971). It kind of resonated with me when I discovered it in my 20s and it’s been in my top 10 albums list ever since.

My Messed Up Friend (Brad Jones) – “The idea came up to surprise Brad – the co-producer of the album – as I’ve been an admirer of his production work for a long time. His only solo album Gilt-Flake is an album worth discovering. My Messed Up Friend is a song that means a lot to my wife and I and is a really touching song that’s musically interesting too.

Somewhere In My Heart (Aztec Camera) – “I don’t have a big reason for picking this song other than it’s one of the few of it’s era that I fell in love with just by hearing it on the radio. I felt a real connection with the song and it’s 60’s roots wrapped in modern production. It somehow felt like a secret love, my discovery, despite being a massive international hit! Some songs can have that effect on you, a kind of special relationship.

Spellbound – A song co-written with Jimmy Lagnefors for Swedish film Flykten till Framtiden (“My Future Love”). – “The director had specifically requested a song that ‘sounds like Electric Light Orchestra’ and Jimmy asked me to collaborate. As a huge admirer of Jeff Lynne’s songwriting and production I obviously jumped at the chance. Somehow we managed to create ‘the song that E.L.O. never made’. It was played a lot on Swedish radio, people really liked it, and I’ve come to realize that it actually kind of works really well as a song on its own merits. I’ve grown really proud of it. It kind of seemed too good to not have on the album!

All 4 bonus tracks are now available to all on the “Deluxe Edition” release of Lucky Day, out now on all good digital platforms.

David Myhr - Lucky Day (Lojinx)



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13 Jun 2018

Directed by Caitlin Craggs, the latest Dial-A-Song video from They Might Be Giants is taken from the new album “I Like Fun“.

hats off to the things you don’t say
so what’s up with the side eye?

spent so long trying to get along trying to please you
trying to tease out all the details
from the sad straight notions that just all seem wrong
I defy interpretation
I am not participating in it

pick on someone else your own size
go prey on some stranger passing by

hats off to the things you don’t say
so what’s up with the side eye?

my sad minds searching overtime for a reason
you suspiciously incorporate some far-fetched fiction
you find so sublime but it’s too late to reject
and it’s an insult to the fact checkers

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02 May 2018

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical Nominated For ‘Best Original Score’ TONY Award, Which Includes TMBG Song “I’m Not A Loser”

“By The Time You Get This” Video, from “I Like Fun”, Out Today

Brooklyn’s alternative rock heroes They Might Be Giants remain prolific as ever 35 years into their career. Their latest achievement is contributing the song “I’m Not A Loser” to SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical which received a TONY Award nomination in the ‘Best Original Score (Music And/Or Lyrics)’ category and earned 12 nominations overall.

Earlier this year, the band released their 20th full-length album I Like Fun, was a guest on WTF with Marc Maron podcast, was referenced in an episode of Bob’s Burgers, hosted an Open Mike Eagle-judged “I Left My Body” video contest, performed on CONAN (+ special web-exclusive) and relaunched Dial-A-Song with weekly instalments of new music at! This week’s Dial-A-Song release is “By The Time You Get This” paired with an apocalyptic chiller of a music video featuring a cameo appearance by John and John, out today!

They Might Be Giants recently wrapped up the first leg of their world tour–a mostly sold-out 50-city trek across the USA, demolishing stages across the country in support of their new critically-acclaimed full-length studio album I Like Fun. After a short break and some summer festivals, the band is going back out on the road this fall with a stop at NYC’s Terminal 5 and their most extensive Canadian tour ever, following their previously announced dates in the UK and Europe. Their kinetic live energy transcends club stages as highlighted by their Rolling Stone Session and praise in The Atlantic.

Euro Tour Dates

  • 20/9 Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Social Club
  • 21/9 Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Social Club SOLD OUT
  • 22/9 Cambridge, UK @ The Junction
  • 23/9 Bristol, UK @ Marble Factory
  • 25/9 Munich, DE @ Ampere
  • 26/9 Antwerp, BE @ De Roma
  • 27/9 Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso
  • 28/9 Berlin, DE @ Columbia Theater
  • 29/9 Hamburg, DE @ Knust
  • 1/10 Koln, DE @ Luxor
  • 3/10 London, UK @ Barbican
  • 4/10 Manchester, UK @ Academy 2
  • 5/10 Edinburgh, UK @ Queen’s Hall
  • 6/10 Dublin, IE @ Button Factory

I Like Fun is out now on Lojinx in Europe.

They Might Be Giants - I Like Fun (Lojinx)

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28 Mar 2018

Dial-A-Song week 13 and another new video from I Like Fun!

Character Design and Direction: Joyce Hesselberth & David Plunkert / Spur Design LLC.
Animation by Joyce Hesselberth & Brianna Gooch.

selflessly hiding all emotions inside
chilly and dry New England style
nobody’s figured out my twelve fatal flaws
who’s keeping score?
who wins that war?

I’m busting out and I know everyone agrees

caring is carting bad ideas to the dump
and taking my time
taking my time
hey this microphone
was turned on all along

I tried returning all that stuff to the store
but then I bought more
then I bought more
I’m done explaining all these reckless displays
hard to defend
I’m in a haze

old stories told in brand new clothes I bought today

kindness is killing off my unfinished dreams
and walking away
just walking away
hey this microphone
was turned on all along

caring is carting bad ideas to the dump
and taking my time
taking my time
hey this microphone
was turned on all along

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14 Mar 2018

Congratulations to all the participants in the big “I Left My Body” video contest. The Grand Prize winner is this week’s Dial-A-Song posting, created by David Kreutzer, and he will be receiving the $3000 prize plus a suite of killer video editing effects from Red Giant.

Competition judge Open Mike Eagle said of the winning entry:

After much consideration the grand prize goes to David Kreutzer. Despite the desperation in the password they chose (you know what you passworded), the heart displayed in this clip was impossible to overlook. The narrative arc is compelling as all heck and the direction and performances are infectious. This is the video that I believe the band would have made for this song.

They Might Be Giants - I Like Fun (Lojinx)
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I left my body and I went on a journey
and I forget where I left my body
they’re gonna tow you if they think you’re abandoned

you’ve got to act like you’re not abandoned
I left a notebook with all of my good ideas

key words encoded cryptographically
I’m waiting endlessly on the receptionist
at the desk
I’m searching high and low but I
don’t see anyone
don’t see anyone
don’t see anyone there

I left my body with the old landlady
but I don’t know if she read the directions
there must be something you can use on the carpet
someone might want that electric blanket

unfinished manuscript and a tungsten ring
my plastic hip is going to be worth something
I took the folding knife and the bat repellent soap

I left my body and right away I knew I’d made
a mistake
I left without my senses and I
can’t see anything
can’t see anything
I’m waiting endlessly on the receptionist
at the desk
I’m searching high and low but I
don’t see anyone
don’t see anyone
don’t see anyone there

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