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27 Jun 2015

The Lost Brothers – two Irish brothers, each armed with an acoustic guitar and a bright and clear singing voice – play their traditional and delicate folk to remarkably soporific effect. Sending people to sleep is, for once, a testament to their music’s intended dreaminess: unashamedly and soothingly nostalgic, but never quite crossing over into tweeness, with lyrics that reference magicky folk tropes (mystical women etc), while sneaking in a bit of vague social commentary (“all we have is gold and silver”). They conclude by asking the audience to get on their feet – and the surprising effort made by slowly roused punters is enough to confirm the crowd’s affection.


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30 Aug 2014

El May in The Guardian:

We’re in that two-week grace period following the Notting Hill carnival that permits white middle-class people to enjoy steel drums, so El May’s I Played A Role has picked the right week to come out in the UK. It’s all summery keyboards, breathy vocals and, yes, drums of steel. The video sees El May (real name Lara Meyerratken) running around New York, insisting that hot strangers listen to her song and dance to it. That wouldn’t work here: imagine a pop star trying to get British people to dance, spontaneously, on camera, in public? We’d all disintegrate through embarrassment.

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