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13 Mar 2014

cool, intelligent songs, quirkily orchestrated” – MOJO

Sally Seltmann’s new album, Hey Daydreamer is out now on Lojinx in Europe (Arts & Crafts in North America, Caroline in Australia, Rallye in Japan). This is Seltmann’s fourth full-length album, her first on Lojinx, and the second to bear her name, after 2010’s Heart That’s Pounding, and two under her previous “New Buffalo” moniker.

Get a free download of album track “Needle In The Hay” here and watch Isobel Knowles’ spellbinding stop-motion animated video here or Nelson Alves’ directed video for “Billy” here.

Hey Daydreamer is out now on CD & download at all the usual places: Amazon, iTunes, Lojinx direct and more.

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03 Mar 2014

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28 Feb 2014

4 stars for Sally Seltmann in the new issue of Mojo Magazine!

pre-order your copy here.

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16 Jan 2014

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