24 Sep 2021
Astral Drive – Out Now!

Happy Release Day to Astral Drive’s 2nd self-titled album!! Out now on CD & digital, the ‘orange album’ perfectly captures the world-class talent of Mr Phil Thornalley at his absolute best. Tune in to Astral Drive on Facebook for live stream event tonight! (24th Sept @ 10pm UK / 5pm EST).

It’s been three years since Astral Drive’s debut release and the bar been raised with this new eleven song follow-up, heavy with soulful harmony vocals, heartfelt singing, lush chords and uplifting star-gazing lyrical themes.

The, again, self-titled album is out now CD and digital: CD & Tee Bundle | Spotify | Apple | Tidal.

Buy the CD (with bonus tracks) & exclusive merch direct from us and if you want it on vinyl, let us know! We’d love to make it happen.

Astral Drive - Phil Thornalley

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