04 Dec 2020
Meet The Lickerish Quartet

Band members of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Slash’s Snake Pit, Finn Brothers, Alice Cooper, Air & Beck – and all formerly of Jellyfish – reunite for 2nd EP as The Lickerish Quartet, with their first official UK release, on Lojinx.

We’re extremely proud to welcome Roger Joseph Manning Jr., Tim Smith and Eric Dover to Lojinx and announce their highly anticipated THREESOME VOL.2 EP, to be released 8th January 2021. The first single, “Snollygoster Goon”, is out now!

The Lickerish Quartet - Snollygoster Goon
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Of “Snollygoster Goon” Eric Dover says “The music is Adderall-based, in theory, to reflect the absolute breakneck speed at which the corruption flourishes. A frenetic forensic foray into classic old-as-civilization themes involving greed, graft and corruption as applied to any political sphere. The snake oil salesman kissing babies, the saccharine unimaginative public image.

The new release is, naturally, the follow-up to their debut EP, THREESOME VOL.1 – lauded by critics as “a masterpiece” – which was released in May 2020 in the US.

With song titles “Snollygoster Goon,” “The Dream That Took Me Over,” “Sovereignty Blues,” and “Do You Feel Better?” Manning, Smith, and Dover’s undeniable chemistry can once again be found throughout THREESOME VOL.2.

The Lickerish Quartet - Threesome Vol.2 on vinyl, CD & digital (Lojinx)

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