01 Jul 2013

Ben Lee - Ayahuasca: Welcome To The Work Ben Lee has been living as a working musician for over half of his lifetime. Discovered at the age of 14 by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, Moore released Lee’s first recorded work (the Noise Addict EP “DEF”) on his Ecstatic Peace! label. Lee then went on to record for the Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal imprint. Ayahuasca: Welcome To The Work may be Lee’s most willful, creative and honest work yet. It is his 9th solo album, his second on Lojinx.

The 10-track set is meditative, atmospheric, often joyous and yet sometimes also dark. An exhilarating listen, Ben has described the album as a “sonic document” of his experiences with the medicinal plant Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca: Welcome To The Work by Ben Lee is out now on CD & Digital.

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