22 Mar 2012


have you heard Tim Christensen?  well… one in 4 Danes have.. he’s a big star over there and justifiably so.  he’s a monster singer, guitar player and song writer.  he invited me to play a concert in Copenhagen at the Vega on June 18th, Paul McCartney’s 70th birthday.  we are both Macca bags so we decided to do RAM in it’s entirety, take a break, and do 13 or so songs from Paul’s catalog.  and here’s the kicker.  Tracy Bonham is coming along too.  our Linda! since we’re all fans of each other’s work it’s going to be a love fest extraordinaire.  so… come to Copenhagen… it’s only happening once.   I’ll be yapping about this in days to come.. and more specifics wil be posted here or at mikeviola.com but for now… just wanted to let you know! lvmv

yes yes yes

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