25 May 2015
They Might Be Giants Give Keynote Address at Signal Conference

A Q&A with John Linnell and John Flansburgh at Twilio’s Signal conference last week.

22 May 2015
Drunken Werewolf Premiere Hannah Schneider’s “Square One”


Bubbling with an empowering jubilance, the track perfectly demonstrates Schneider’s aptitude for power chords and infectious, playful pop. Using loops and effects to embellish her sound, Hannah builds her set through various instruments on stage – making for a ravishing and distinct performance.


22 May 2015
Hannah Schneider June UK Tour Dates

Hannah Schneider June UK Tour Dates

Danish musician Hannah Schneider is bringing her dreamy electro-infused singer/songriter sound to the UK for a run of dates in June. Following her debut UK album release of “Red Lines” on British indie Lojinx (on Mermaid/Sony in Denmark) Hannah will be bringing her epic one-woman show to the UK for only the second time. Performing all instrumentation herself whilst looping and singing infectious hooks and harmonies, audiences can’t fail to be impressed.

a provocative, pioneering artist” – Clash Magazine

We simply love this woman and will shout over the rooftops about her dreamy electro-pop sound” – Never Enough Notes

flourishes of minimalist electronica and gorgeous melodies” – The 405

100 Artists You Must Hear In 2015” – Planet Stereo

Schneider creates melancholic and playful pop, crafted with a love for the singer/songwriter tradition and a fascination with electronic sounds and samples. Inspired by her environment – the sounds surrounding her – Hannah incorporates a diversity of instrumentation and timbre that adds a unique dimension to the expertly constructed pop tunes. Her music is imbued with themes of melancholia and loneliness that are conveyed with an engaging charisma in her voice, instrumentation and expert arrangements.

  • 04 June 2015 The Lighthouse, Deal (w/She And The Junkies)
  • 05 June 2015 Bar 42, Worthing (w/She And The Junkies)
  • 06 June 2015 The Golden Fleece, Nottingham (w/She And The Junkies)
  • 09 June 2015 Red Lion, Bristol (w/She And The Junkies)
  • 11 June 2015 St Pancras Old Church, London (w/Jingo)

Facebook: facebook.com/hannahschneidermusic
Twitter: @HannahSchneide
Instagram: @HannahSchneide

21 May 2015
Buzzfeed’s 50 Best They Might Be Giants Songs

Buzzfeed A Definitive Ranking Of The 50 Best They Might Be Giants Songs

Buzzfeed have published a “definitive” Ranking Of The 50 Best They Might Be Giants Songs. Read more…

19 May 2015
They Might Be Giants – Starry Eyes (Dial-A-Song Week 20)

A cover of The Records classic hit recorded for Michael Shelley’s WFMU radio show. Get it on iTunes here.

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14 May 2015
Bearded Magazine interview They Might Be Giants

Bearded Magazine Interview: They Might Be Giants

TMBGs John Linnell chats about the band’s new LP Glean, which features tracks from their Dial-a-Song project.


12 May 2015
They Might Be Giants – ECNALUBMA (Dial-A-Song Week 19)

TMBG’s Dial-A-Song, Week 19 is ECNALUBMA, with video by Paul Sahre and Todd Goldstein.

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well it’s a good thing that I brought a napkin
I knew that this would happen
why does this always happen?
that a day of impulsive fun becomes an evening
of injury, blood and grieving
injury, blood and grieving

make way make way and stand aside
the crowd takes up the cry
he comes he comes
bow down bow down and lower your eyes
before the litter borne by men in fancy uniforms
a chariot from which a siren warns
the regal flashing lights and royal horns
behold the great one comes

you’ve got an electric knife
and I’ve got the need to spite my face
I’ve got a nose, I know what to do

hand me that electric knife
marry me and be my wife
be by my side in the electric parade

help me out I can’t seem to get this window open
never mind now it’s open
I think my hand is broken

07 May 2015
Village Voice: They Might Be Giants’ Recent Records Are Their Best Since Their Earliest

The Village Voice: They Might Be Giants' Recent Records Are Their Best

25 years after Flood, I’m pleased and surprised to discover that their latest three could stand as the same. Their recent albums are their best, freshest, most surprising, and most representative since their first few, which seems like an impossibility in our peak-early popular culture.

Read more in The Village Voice &gt&gt

07 May 2015
They Might Be Giants on Conan

They Might Be Giants on Conan

They Might Be Giants perform “Answer”, from their new album Glean, live on Conan. Watch it here.

05 May 2015
They Might Be Giants – Glean (Dial-A-Song Week 18)

An instrumental created with sounds from Mellotrons and Chamberlins. From TMBGs brand new album Glean, just out. Visuals from Chris Smith. Starring Roger Kisvarday. Many dog biscuits were injured in the making of this video.

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