28 Jul 2015
They Might Be Giants – Walking My Cat Named Dog (Dial-A-Song Week 30)

They Might Be Giants cover the brilliant Norma Tanega’s 1966 hit for Dial-A-Song. Video created by Mixtape Club.

26 Jul 2015
They Might Be Giants on BBC Radio London

TMBG BBC Radio London

TMBG popped into BBC Radio London to chat and play a couple of songs live for Sam Delaney (standing in for Robert Elms). Listen on the iPlayer here >>

24 Jul 2015
HMV Recommended! Fred Abbott’s Serious Poke is released today!

HMV Recommended!

Featured in The Guardian, Clash Magazine and more, Fred Abbott’s solo career is off to a great start! A supremely talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Fred Abbott joined Noah And The Whale in 2009 and went on to huge success with that group, especially notable being his contribution to 2011‘s Platinum-selling and highly acclaimed Last Night On Earth. Abbott enlisted the help of his Noah And The Whale compadres and other friends for the recording of Serious Poke, with sessions taking place at West London’s British Grove Studios over the past year. The album was co-produced by Fred with Martin Hollis, whose diverse credits include Grinderman, The Rolling Stones and Take That.

Tickets for the album launch gig on 31st July at The Borderline, London, NOW ON SALE!

Fred Abbott Serious Poke

Serious Poke is now available for pre-order: Signed CD | Amazon | iTunes | Lojinx Shop

22 Jul 2015
The Lost Brothers – The Making Of New Songs Of Dawn and Dust documentary

NME Premiered The Lost Brothers mini-documentary, now available on YouTube.

The new LP from Oisin Leech and Mark Mccausland, aka Irish pair The Lost Brothers, is a warm, wise charmer of a folk record. Here’s their behind-the-scenes guide to its making, featuring cameos from members of Babyshambles and the Coral.

22 Jul 2015
Blitzen Trapper Set To Release New Studio Album All Across This Land

Blitzen Trapper (Credit Jason Quigley)


Acclaimed Portland, Oregon rock quintet Blitzen Trapper is set to release All Across This Land on October 2 via Lojinx in Europe (on Vagrant in the US). Blitzen Trapper has built a solid reputation as a band unafraid to take chances. By incorporating a vast array of influences, they have released albums that touch on indie folk/rock, roots, art rock, alt country, psychedelia and pop, while maintaining a sound that is distinctly Blitzen Trapper. On their new studio effort, the group’s years of experimentation and experience have come full circle, culminating in their strongest, most cohesive work to date with the career milestone, All Across This Land. View new the ALBUM TRAILER:

Blitzen Trapper may have experimented successfully with a multitude of styles; however, the band has been built on a strong foundation as, above all else, a ROCK band. Their live shows consistently reinforce that fact, and those who have experienced their performance would agree.

Blitzen Trapper All Across This Land

All Across This Land once again confirms that Blitzen Trapper possess the unique ability to create thoughtful, melodic, finely crafted songs on one hand, and deliver full throttle, infectious rock on the other. From the opening riff of the title track and first single, this is quite evident as it unfolds into a flurry of guitars, bass and drums. The band eases back as well by featuring some of lead singer and songwriter Eric Earley’s strongest writing yet, particularly on the semi-autobiographical “Mystery and Wonder”. The track’s reflective and nostalgic tone was inspired by the band’s beginnings, the chemistry that develops over time and the music they have created though the years. Another album highlight is “Lonesome Angel” with its easy ‘70’s AM radio feel.

While All Across This Land features some of Earley’s finest songs to date, the rest of his bandmate’s performances – Erik Menteer (guitar), Michael Van Pelt (bass), Marty Marquis (guitar/keys), Brian Adrian Koch (drums) – elevate each track thus taking Blitzen Trapper to their highest artistic peak yet.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blitzentrapper
Twittter: https://twitter.com/blitzentrapper
Instagram: https://instagram.com/blitzentrapper/

21 Jul 2015
Fred Abbott album launch at The Borderline, London

Tickets now on sale for Fred Abbott’s “Serious Poke” album launch at The Borderline, Friday 31st July!

Serious Poke, Fred’s debut album is out 24th July – GET YOUR COPY HERE.

21 Jul 2015
They Might Be Giants – Live on BBC Radio 2

They Might Be Giants Dermot O'Leary on BBC Radio 2

TMBG were in London this weekend and were invited to perform a couple of songs live for Dermot O’Leary’s Saturday Sessions on BBC Radio 2. LISTEN HERE (available for 30 days)

21 Jul 2015
They Might Be Giants – Rock Club (Dial-A-Song Week 29)

Video directed by David Cowles and Jeremy Galante.

1 2 check 1 2
1 2 check 1 2
1 2 check 1 2

we love all the people
and we love to rock the house
no one knows we’re coming
so no one’s coming out
to this particular rock club
have we played this club before?
you see, I can’t remember
if we’ve played this club before

1 2 check 1 2
1 2 check 1 2
1 2 check 1 2

put your hands together
get on your knees and pray
next time we come around here
we won’t be comin’ back this way
or to this particular rock club
is that really the P.A.
or just somebody’s radio
left in the corner of the room?

14 Jul 2015
They Might Be Giants – I Am Invisible (Dial-A-Song Week 28)

It’s Dial-A-Song Week 28. Directed by Alex Italics, Cinematography by Symeon Platts, Starring Michael Dean.

just an inch away from your face
I am staring into your eyes
you would be surprised if you could see
what’s an inch from your face
but it’s impossible
I am invisible

Tiptoeing and holding my breath
almost knocking over a lamp

barely able to contain a sneeze
I am invisible
I am invisible
I am invisible

Did you notice something?
Was there somebody there?
No apparently not.
There you felt it again
something creeping around
that you can’t see

doing jumping jacks in the bank
dancing through the supermarket
spinning in the courtroom on one leg
I am invisible
I am invisible
I am invisible

there are details
that I haven’t worked out
like when I eat my lunch
does it disappear
or do you see it going all the way down?

Did the cat just learn how to fly?
no I’m only holding him up
did the cat turn on the dishwasher?
no I’m holding his paw
pushing down on the switch
making it look like he’s
doing it by himself
cause I’m invisible
I am invisible
I am invisible

07 Jul 2015
They Might Be Giants – The Velvet Ape (Dial-A-Song Week 27)

It’s Dial-A-Song Week 27. Video created by iTWST.