The Bad Machines Telling Lies

The Bad Machines have a little bit of everything, from car-crash lyrics to heart-wrenching break up songs, which all goes towards making Telling Lies one of those records you want to play again as soon as it has ended.

In the blink of a track, the little-girl vocals flip from gorgeous, shimmering sweetness to harsh, shouty noise, and the giddy keys, driving drum machines and energetic guitars produce a grand noise that's somewhere between bitter-sweet and just plain bitter.

It may sound like a cliché, but this album is a grower. On first listen, you think you know which songs are the big hitters, but subsequent listens reveal layers, textures and aural awakenings that sneak up and surprise you. It's a swirling mix of lush arrangements, swooping harmonies and electronic blips, and somehow it all comes together to make a glorious mélange that will stay on your stereo for longer than you expect.