Pop savant Thomas Walsh was born in his parents house in Drimnagh, Ireland, in 1969. "Lazy bugger even then I was, not wanting to go to the hospital to be born". As men landed on the moon and the sixties were officially coming to a grand musical close at Woodstock, Thomas set about listening to all the classic pop music that was streaming forth literally every week from his parents TV, radio and stereo. "My brothers started to bring Al Stewart, Mike Oldfield, Queen and E.L.O records into the house along with Roy Wood, Slade and Gilbert O'Sullivan ones that my Mam and Dad already had there.....you can see why I'm steeped in a love of great pop!".

Thomas's love of classic pop is manifested in his music - songwriting that has garnered him an impressive collection of celebrity name-drops he can count as fans (Brian Wilson! Jeff Lynne!)

His cricket-themed 2009 collaboration with The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon ("The Duckworth Lewis Method") saw Thomas with an Ivor Novello award nomination and UK Top 40 album.

In 2011 Thomas, in his guise as Pugwash, along with Tosh Flood, Joey Fitzgerald and Shaun McGee, wrapped up recording of up their 5th melody-packed gem - "The Olympus Sound".

The Olympus Sound by Pugwash is out now on CD, digital & heavyweight vinyl LP. CD contains exclusive bonus tracks Heal Me, Happy Again and Waltz With Me.