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 BLITZEN TRAPPER - VII  - at Lojinx the British independent record label


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  • David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in One Lonely Horn
    Jan 2013 / One Lonely Horn READ >>
    "summer music destined to make you smile"
  • David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Hooks & Harmony
    Dec 2012 / Hooks & Harmony (Peter Lee) READ >>
    "a quintessential pop album containing a panoply of perfectly composed songs"
  • David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Bucketfull Of Brains
    Nov 2012 / Bucketfull Of Brains (David Bash) READ >>
    "wonderful album... there are so many stellar tracks here"
  • David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Tracks (CH)
    Oct 2012 / Tracks (CH) (Robert Pally) READ >>
    "an infallible knack for great timeless pop songs"
  • David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in R2
    May 2012 / R2 (Simon Rowland) READ >>
    "hook-laden gems that demand you hum, whistle, sing or clap along"
  • David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Milk Shake Music
    May 2012 / Milk Shake Music (Angus Marriott) READ >>
    "A fantastic explosion of merry power pop" 9/10
  • David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Americana UK
    Apr 2012 / Americana UK (David Cowling) READ >>
    "Sheer unadulterated pop music, sheer unadulterated delight"
  • David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Indy Rock Live
    Apr 2012 / Indy Rock Live (Jeremy Zucker) READ >>
    "a master-class in power pop"
  • David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Rock Sucker
    Apr 2012 / Rock Sucker (Jonny Abrams) READ >>
    "not a song on here that isn't enjoyable"
  • David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Obladoo (Sweden)
    Mar 2012 / Obladoo (Sweden) (Anders Lundquist) READ >>
  • David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Uber Rock
    Mar 2012 / Uber Rock (Russ Prothero) READ >>
    "one of those albums where you can make a snap decision - literally within the first two seconds - that this is an album that you're going to love."
  • David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in AAA Music
    Mar 2012 / AAA Music (Anthony Weightman) READ >>
    "great,memorable songs with smart, intelligent lyrics written by a talented man with a passion for great music"
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