David Myhr And Now This

Swedish songwriter extraordinaire David Myhr returns with a new EP! The 4-tracker is titled And Now This and resumes the fruitful collaboration from Myhr's 2018 Lucky Day album, made with Nashville-based producer/musician Brad Jones (Josh Rouse, Matthew Sweet, Jill Sobule, Marshall Crenshaw) and fellow Swede Andreas Quincy Dahlbäck.

Where Lucky Day perhaps demonstrated a more mature singer/songwriter sound, And Now This returns to his crowd-pleaser hybrid pop/rock roots that saw Myhr’s 90s band The Merrymakers make global waves, especially in Japan.

With a day-gig as songwriting teacher (Luleå University of Technology, The Royal College of Music in Stockholm,) We Wanted To Shine saw Myhr take some of his own songwriting advice:

"As a songwriter you're often looking for a starting point, an idea to spark off. One method I recommend to students is to simply start with a title."

"I had a Tom Petty book on the coffee table in front of me so I opened a page at random and my eyes landed on the words ‘we really wanted to shine’. It was a quote about The Heartbreakers performance at the tribute to George Harrison in The Royal Albert Hall, on the anniversary of his death."

From there, the creative juices flowed.

"All I had to do was to start singing! The chorus came right away. A verse melody followed quickly and Brad Jones then further developed the lyrics".

"The song could be interpreted as being about a struggling musician that craves attention and recognition, which of course is something that I can relate to! But it is also about wanting to succeed and - perhaps a bit amateur psychology - some kind of deep-seated need for validation from your parents."

There’s been talk for years now about the album format being dead. It may or may not be true but David said: "Brad Jones encouraged me to start working in the EP format. I must say I like it. This may be the first in a trilogy. If this is the powerpop EP, maybe the next one will be the acoustic EP. And the third… the Drum&Bass EP!!? We'll see!"

The single We Wanted To Shine is released 7th May 2021 and the EP And Now This out 21st May 2021.