A work of understated beauty

Q Magazine

Henrik grew up in Denmark but soon found the winters and bacon a bit tiring, so he opted for London, where he has spent the last five years working like a proverbial dog. Sessions, tours and guest appearances on albums for the likes of Sir George Martin, Morcheeba, Jason Mraz, Vanessa Carlton, Kim Richey, Gary Barlow, Kate Havnevik and Jamie Scott & The Town, to name a few, has made him a sought-after musician.

Much more interesting though is his debut album Faction from November last year, for which he coined the word 'Scanbient' to conjure up the style. "Sigur Ros, Bjork, Kings Of Convenience etc - and myself - all have this Scandinavian (and ambient) tone," he says. "There's no way of getting rid of the basics of where you're from... unless you're a fake.". A shade of Elliott Smith and a nod to Eno/Bowie instrumentals can also be detected on Faction, for which both THE WORD and Q MAGAZINE have given great write-ups and reviews.

Henrik is one to watch. Stay tuned.

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