The Lost Brothers

you can detect the glowing, benevolent face of John Martyn looking down at the duo from among the stars

Q Magazine

The Brothers spin yarns of forests and lost loves in such a spellbinding way you can almost see scary shadows flickering in the fireflight


The Lost Brothers harmonies are to die for, as near as a duo have got to the mastery of The Everlys and The Louvin Brothers tender close harmony singing I've heard anywhere near these shores

Richard Hawley

sounds like the ghost of Hank Williams whispering a secret to The Everly Brothers

The Irish Times

Once in a while you hear voices that stop you in your tracks. The Lost Brothers are the real deal. They have the most beautiful harmonies around, and what sets them apart is that they have the songs to back it up.

Willy Vlautin (author, Richmond Fontaine, The Delines)

If there's any justice under the moon and the stars the Lost Brothers will come through!

Mike Scott (The Waterboys)

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