Henrik 'Faction' review in Americana UK Nov 2008 Americana UK READ >>

"very gentle ambient record"

Henrik 'Faction' review in Word Nov 2008 Word Rob Fitzpatrick

"everything here sounds great - Henrik can clearly play anything you throw at him and he has great style"

Henrik 'Faction' review in All Gigs Nov 2008 All Gigs Charlotte Frearson READ >>

"They are great musicians, and you know that the great songs are there."

Henrik 'Faction' review in Rock N Reel Oct 2008 Rock N Reel Susan Darlington

"tediously pleasant"

Henrik 'Faction' review in Plan B Oct 2008 Plan B

"you wouldn't kick Henrik out of bed for stroking a few keys"

Henrik 'Faction' review in The Beat Surrender Sep 2008 The Beat Surrender READ >>

"positively excels"

Henrik 'Faction' review in Sounds XP Sep 2008 Sounds XP Ged M READ >>

"the best track, the delicately melodic and slow burning ‘This Time’, sounding like a slightly more ambient version of Maps."

Henrik 'Faction' review in Word Sep 2008 Word

"causing a my-end-of-the-office rumpus"