David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in One Lonely Horn Jan 2013 One Lonely Horn READ >>

"summer music destined to make you smile"

David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Hooks & Harmony Dec 2012 Hooks & Harmony Peter Lee READ >>

"a quintessential pop album containing a panoply of perfectly composed songs"

David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Bucketfull Of Brains Nov 2012 Bucketfull Of Brains David Bash

"wonderful album... there are so many stellar tracks here"

David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Tracks Oct 2012 Tracks Robert Pally READ >>

"an infallible knack for great timeless pop songs"

David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in R2 May 2012 R2 Simon Rowland

"hook-laden gems that demand you hum, whistle, sing or clap along"

David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Milk Shake Music May 2012 Milk Shake Music Angus Marriott READ >>

"A fantastic explosion of merry power pop" 9/10

David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Americana UK Apr 2012 Americana UK David Cowling READ >>

"Sheer unadulterated pop music, sheer unadulterated delight"

David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Indy Rock Live Apr 2012 Indy Rock Live Jeremy Zucker READ >>

"a master-class in power pop"

David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Rock Sucker Apr 2012 Rock Sucker Jonny Abrams READ >>

"not a song on here that isn't enjoyable"

David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Obladoo Mar 2012 Obladoo Anders Lundquist READ >>


David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in Uber Rock Mar 2012 Uber Rock Russ Prothero READ >>

"one of those albums where you can make a snap decision - literally within the first two seconds - that this is an album that you're going to love."

David Myhr 'Soundshine' review in AAA Music Mar 2012 AAA Music Anthony Weightman READ >>

"great,memorable songs with smart, intelligent lyrics written by a talented man with a passion for great music"