Label Services

Lojinx can provide a cost effective way for rights-holders to manage the release of their music without giving up ownership or control. We can offer established artists and independent labels the services needed to release your music in the UK and beyond.

Perhaps you're a career artist looking at your first post-major release and considering the practicalities of running an artist-owned label? Or an international independent label looking for product management based in the UK on a one-off or ongoing basis?

We have a in-depth understanding of the nuts & bolts issues of running a European independent label in a global marketplace and can assist you with day-to-day practicalities in addition to consulting on creative ways to grow your music business. Lojinx can play a valuable role in advising and managing some, or all, of the key functions within your label.

  • Label and project ("product") consulting, management & budgeting
  • Physical and digital sales and distribution consulting
  • Oversee bespoke publicity, marketing and promotion teams in print, online, radio & TV
  • Direct-to-fan stores and digital marketing
  • Manufacturing and mechanical licensing
  • Print, digital and merchandise design
  • Video production and distribution
  • Merchandising
  • Media planning and buying
  • Sync and licensing
  • Brand partnerships and identification of new business opportunities

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