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Bleu 'Four' review in Red Hot Velvet Bleu Oct 2010 Red Hot Velvet Kelly Marie READ >>

easy listening *TRUMPETS* easy listening.

Bleu 'Four' review in Pop Underground Bleu Oct 2010 Pop Underground Matt Whitby READ >>

"I cannot stress this enough. Get this album now."

Bleu 'Four' review in Melodic.net Bleu Oct 2010 Melodic.net Kaj Roth READ >>

"This man is like a modern John Lennon, a musical genius that whatever he touches turns into gold."

Bleu 'Four' review in Uber Rock Bleu Oct 2010 Uber Rock Russ P. READ >>

"firing on all cylinders lately and shows no sign of fatigue."

Bleu 'Four' review in AAA Music Bleu Oct 2010 AAA Music Katie H-Halinski READ >>

"a sublime collection of tuneful, textured and overall thoroughly listenable pop songs with just enough edge to add spice and interest"

Bleu 'Four' review in All Gigs Bleu Oct 2010 All Gigs Paul Pledger READ >>

Doesn't get it.

Bleu 'Four' review in Alt Sounds Bleu Oct 2010 Alt Sounds READ >>

Q and A

Bleu 'Four' review in The Brixton Sessions Bleu Oct 2010 The Brixton Sessions Blindeye Films READ >>

Acoustic sessions

Bleu 'Four' review in The Hearing Aid Bleu Oct 2010 The Hearing Aid READ >>

"magical mix of Springsteen, Lennon, ELO, Stax and all sorts of other musical loveliness"

Bleu 'Four' review in Stereo Subversion Bleu Oct 2010 Stereo Subversion Danielle Miess READ >>

"Bleu is worth the listen"

Bleu 'Four' review in Twangville Bleu Oct 2010 Twangville Mayer READ >>

"It’s hard not to hear a Bleu song and smile. His enthusiasm and joy for music is infectious."

Bleu 'Four' review in Powerpop Square Bleu Oct 2010 Powerpop Square READ >>
Bleu 'Four' review in NME Bleu Sep 2010 NME Rebecca Schiller READ >>

10 Best Free Downloads

Kim Richey 'Wreck Your Wheels' review in USA Today Kim Richey Sep 2010 USA Today Elysa Gardner READ >>

"tender, thoughtful ruminations on life's challenges and contradictions"

Kim Richey 'Wreck Your Wheels' review in The Boston Globe Kim Richey Sep 2010 The Boston Globe Steve Morse READ >>

"if you like honest, beautifully sung music, then lend her an ear"

Tracy Bonham 'Masts Of Manhatta' review in R2 Tracy Bonham Sep 2010 R2 David Burke

"it's been worth the wait"

Bleu 'Four' review in Uber Rock Bleu Aug 2010 Uber Rock READ >>

BLEU kickstarts the release of his fourth album

Tracy Bonham 'Masts Of Manhatta' review in Pop Matters Tracy Bonham Aug 2010 Pop Matters Will Layman READ >>

"support her now so that we can all keep digging the work of one of the culture's most intriguing voices"

Farrah 'Farrah' review in Bill's Music Forum Farrah Aug 2010 Bill's Music Forum Bill READ >>

"Don’t miss out on these unsung heroes (and heroine) of modern powerpop!"

Tracy Bonham 'Masts Of Manhatta' review in People Magazine Tracy Bonham Aug 2010 People Magazine

"rich, eclectic musiciality"

Tracy Bonham 'Masts Of Manhatta' review in Billboard Tracy Bonham Aug 2010 Billboard Courtney Baldasare

"brings a sophisticated quirkiness to the femme alt-pop table"

Tracy Bonham 'Masts Of Manhatta' review in Allgigs Tracy Bonham Aug 2010 Allgigs Paul Pledger READ >>

"'songs' are the main provider of kudos"

Tracy Bonham 'Masts Of Manhatta' review in Wears The Trousers Tracy Bonham Aug 2010 Wears The Trousers Matt Barton READ >>

"a subtly nuanced, intelligent record"

Tracy Bonham 'Masts Of Manhatta' review in Penny Black Music Tracy Bonham Aug 2010 Penny Black Music Malcolm Carter READ >>

"still following her own path and is still ahead of the game"

Tracy Bonham 'Masts Of Manhatta' review in More Tracy Bonham Aug 2010 More

"toe-tapping intimacy throughout"