The Wellingtons

Australia’s The Wellingtons like to consider themselves one of the hardest working independent bands on the globe. In their 6 years together they’ve released 3 albums through labels in Japan, Spain, U.K, U.S.A. and Australia and toured all those countries and more - some several times over. In return they’ve found themselves a faithful world-wide fan base that includes members of some of their own favorite bands and influences - Motion City Soundtrack, Fountains of Wayne, Jellyfish, The Muffs and The Posies to name a few.

Their glistening saccharine melodies, layered with sweet harmonies, pump through the ears and directly into the brain, instantly infecting the listener. Beneath the boy/girl vocal hooks, the raw guitars, driving rhythm section and infectious synths create pure pop-rock bliss.

The Wellingtons Videos