Farrah プレス&レビュー

Farrah 'Cut Out And Keep' review in Classic Rock Society Jun 2007 Classic Rock Society David Winstanley

"there isn't a weak track on here"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in The Dwarf Mar 2007 The Dwarf Lily Flax READ >>

"a closer listen reveals the depth of their tunes and lyrics"
"defiantly an album that would be played over and over again"

Farrah 'Cut Out And Keep' review in Drum Media Feb 2007 Drum Media Michael Smith

Feature - "A Sydney Girl In London"

Farrah 'Cut Out And Keep' review in Heat Jan 2007 Heat

Spotted mention.

Farrah 'Cut Out And Keep' review in BBC Website Jul 2005 BBC Website Colette Bridge READ >>

"some decent songs on offer."

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Rip & Burn Jun 2005 Rip & Burn KF

"Like busted without the cheekbones"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Adult Contemporary Essentials Apr 2005 Adult Contemporary Essentials Mike Rea READ >>

"An album for everyone who misses Squeeze?s heyday, the pop is melodic, effortlessly arranged and delightfully short "

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Apple iTunes Mar 2005 Apple iTunes

single of the week

Farrah 'Tongue Tied' review in Macworld Mar 2005 Macworld READ >>

iTunes single of the week

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Leeds Music Scene Mar 2005 Leeds Music Scene Laura Strain READ >>

"high-octane playground energy"
"simply brilliant harmonies"
"home to some openly and simply heartfelt lyrics"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Rhythm & Booze Feb 2005 Rhythm & Booze Will Munn

"a truly exceptional album that I can't recommend enough"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in State Of Emergency Feb 2005 State Of Emergency Becca Williams

"a perfect example of what pop-rock should be"
"quirky ideas and beautiful twisting melodies create something quite special"
"I defy anyone to dislike this band."

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Tasty Fanzine Feb 2005 Tasty Fanzine Luke Drozd READ >>

"the kind of band you really want to hate "

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Friends of the Heroes Dec 2004 Friends of the Heroes D Jo

"quality power pop that is well written...and is beautifully delivered "
"Time after time the music infectiously kicks in and astuteness of the lyrics then completely hook your full attention"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Kill The Noise Dec 2004 Kill The Noise Dan

"each track still overflows with emotion"
"glistening three-minute guitar pop with a highly radio friendly edge"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Nighttimes Nov 2004 Nighttimes Rob Forbes READ >>

"impeccably composed, power pop masterpiece"
" it might just be pop perfection."

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Americana UK Nov 2004 Americana UK Jeremy Searle

"Summery powerpop par excellence"
Recommended for improving your day."

Farrah 'Me Too' review in RiRa Nov 2004 RiRa Ruari Nevin

"hook laden, bursting with pleasing riffs, lifting sounds and harmonies"
" strong, perfectly hummable three-minute pop tunes and anthems"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Fufkin Nov 2004 Fufkin Gary Glauber READ >>

"the kind of album you rarely find these days - a pleasure to listen to from the opening track to its close."
"a tour-de-force"
"Jez Ashurst is a great songwriter"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Musicworkz Nov 2004 Musicworkz Stu Olds READ >>

"a fine power pop album"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Qmunicate Nov 2004 Qmunicate Fiona McKinlay

"pure indie pop magic"
"give Farrah a listen"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Get Ready To Rock Nov 2004 Get Ready To Rock David Randall READ >>

"this is refreshing...the perfect antidote to the long dark winter months."

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Whisperin' & Hollerin' Nov 2004 Whisperin' & Hollerin' Sam Saunders READ >>

"it's Power Pop, innit? And lovely too."

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Dripfed Nov 2004 Dripfed Steve Rudd

"one of the finest pop-rock records ever released in this country since time began"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in UKMIX Nov 2004 UKMIX Mathew Dixon READ >>

"If Farrah don't make it big, then a major injustice will have happened in the music industry."