Caroline Lost

Caroline Lost is working on her upcoming album One More Nail, and as one of the lucky few who've actually heard some of it, we can only say it's extraordinary. Working with film composer Christian Henson, Caroline has woven a mellifluous blend of sharp, lovelorn lyrics and scintillating vocals set to a bracingly original backing of organs and banjos, trumpets and cellos, xylophones and drums to create what will certainly be an innovative and utterly infectious album.

As a published songwriter Caroline has penned hits for artists across the globe. This includes picking up a gold disc for Hanna Pakerinen's slice of booty-shaking pop perfection "Go Go" and contributing the mellow and haunting "Wake the Sun" to Sasha's top ten European album "Open Water". She also recently co-penned "If It Hadn't Been For Love", one of the only new tracks on Will Young's Hits album.

Her songs have also featured in a raft of major motion pictures, including The Secret of Moonacre 2009 (Stars), A Bunch of Amateurs 2008 (Still in the Game), Miss Conception 2008 (Everything I Wanted), Severance 2006 (Summertimin'), Pandemic 2007 (Hello) and Chasing Liberty 2003 (To Be With You), as well as vocal sessions for Chronicles Of Narnia and Diameter of the Bomb.

All of this has led Caroline to where she is now, holed up in the studio putting the finishing touches to One More Nail, an album of songs as beautifully written and lyrically insightful as anything you'll hear all year, with her haunting and crystalline voice the centrepiece of a musical approach that takes the pop rulebook and puts it through the shredder. Extraordinary.

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