Lojinx, the British independent record label

Limited Edition 4-track vinile 10 pollici EP di Pugwash - al Lojinx l'etichetta discografica indipendente britannica


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  • Bleu 'Four' review in Rock Sucker
    Apr 2012 / Rock Sucker (Jonny Abrams) READ >>
    "intelligent and frequently surprising collection of pop gems from an eccentrically inclined singer/songwriter" 4/5
  • Bleu 'Four' review in Q
    Feb 2011 / Q (Peter Kane) READ >>
    "a bright, buzzy pop-rock affair, handsomely decorated..."
  • Bleu 'Four' review in Vanguard Online
    Feb 2011 / Vanguard Online (Steve Claire) READ >>
    "after listening to this album a few times you’ll soon begin to wonder just where he has been all your life"
  • Bleu 'Four' review in Contact Music
    Jan 2011 / Contact Music (Hannah Spencer) READ >>
    "with perseverance grows into a catchy, well-formed and varied sound"
  • Bleu 'Four' review in The Sunday Times
    Jan 2011 / The Sunday Times (DC) READ >>
    "many glittering pop gems on an album studded with the things"
  • Bleu 'Four' review in Classic Rock
    Jan 2011 / Classic Rock (Hugh Fielder) READ >>
    "every track is a perfectly formed vignette"
  • Bleu 'Four' review in American Songwriter
    Nov 2010 / American Songwriter READ >>
    Acclaimed singer-songwriter Bleu wants to write a song just for you.
  • Bleu 'Four' review in Direct Current Music
    Nov 2010 / Direct Current Music (Jack catman) READ >>
    "big melodies strapped firmly to blustery and majestic pomp"
  • Bleu 'Four' review in Eat Sleep Drink Music
    Nov 2010 / Eat Sleep Drink Music (David Medsker) READ >>
    "the most consistent and versatile album he’s released to date"
  • Bleu 'Four' review in Band Weblogs
    Nov 2010 / Band Weblogs READ >>
    "a little something for everyone"
  • Bleu 'Four' review in This Is Modern
    Nov 2010 / This Is Modern (Tony Gisondi) READ >>
    "one of the best of the year, and quite possibly the best independently released power pop record of the last five years"
  • Bleu 'Four' review in The Musebox
    Nov 2010 / The Musebox (Caiti) READ >>
    "uncanny ability to juxtapose the weighty and serious with the buoyant and unstoppably poppy"
  • Bleu 'Four' review in All Music
    Nov 2010 / All Music (Andrew Leahey) READ >>
    "though he’s relegated to power pop cult royalty, and Four extends his reign a little bit longer."
  • Bleu 'Four' review in Buzzine Music
    Nov 2010 / Buzzine Music (Andrew Shaw) READ >>
    "This is an album of thick narrative, careful imagery, and smart observation"
  • Bleu 'Four' review in Balcony TV
    Nov 2010 / Balcony TV READ >>
  • Bleu 'Four' review in Tasty Fanzine
    Nov 2010 / Tasty Fanzine READ >>
    "part Springsteen bombast, part Lennonesque whimsy"
  • Bleu 'Four' review in The Line Of Best Fit
    Oct 2010 / The Line Of Best Fit (Matt Conner) READ >>
    " a very solid pop affair"
  • Bleu 'Four' review in Red Hot Velvet
    Oct 2010 / Red Hot Velvet (Kelly Marie) READ >>
    easy listening *TRUMPETS* easy listening.
  • Bleu 'Four' review in Pop Underground
    Oct 2010 / Pop Underground (Matt Whitby) READ >>
    "I cannot stress this enough. Get this album now."
  • Bleu 'Four' review in Melodic.net
    Oct 2010 / Melodic.net (Kaj Roth) READ >>
    "This man is like a modern John Lennon, a musical genius that whatever he touches turns into gold."
  • Bleu 'Four' review in Uber Rock
    Oct 2010 / Uber Rock (Russ P.) READ >>
    "firing on all cylinders lately and shows no sign of fatigue."
  • Bleu 'Four' review in AAA Music
    Oct 2010 / AAA Music (Katie H-Halinski) READ >>
    "a sublime collection of tuneful, textured and overall thoroughly listenable pop songs with just enough edge to add spice and interest"
  • Bleu 'Four' review in All Gigs
    Oct 2010 / All Gigs (Paul Pledger) READ >>
    Doesn't get it.
  • Bleu 'Four' review in Alt Sounds
    Oct 2010 / Alt Sounds READ >>
    Q and A
  • Bleu 'Four' review in The Brixton Sessions
    Oct 2010 / The Brixton Sessions (Blindeye Films) READ >>
    Acoustic sessions
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