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17 Nov 2015

Dial-A-Song 46!! Daylight, directed by Jason Willis. Why? is nearly here!!

so here we are
awake and dreaming
oh don’t look up, there’s nothing there
tilting at tilting things
let’s see what the daylight brings
let’s see what the daylight brings

who needs diamond rings, picture frames, fancy things,
when paperbacks and radios tell the tale?

so nothing’s fair
i’m worse for trying
while your eyes strain to see the air
tilting at tilting things
let’s see what the daylight brings
let’s see what the daylight brings

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15 Nov 2015

Glean” is out now, pre-order “Why?“! Stay tuned to Dial-A-Song for a new song & video *every* week in 2015.

UK Tour Dates:

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04 Nov 2015

Dial-A-Song 44 is “Elephants”, featuring Danny Weinkauf! A taster from the upcoming album Why? available to pre-order now! Video designed by Alison Cowles, Co-directed by David Cowles and Jeremy Galante.

they’re not the largest mammals
but they’re biggest on the land
so when I say “please step away”
I know you’ll understand

they’ve got two tusks up front for fighting
or digging in the dirt

so you can see how easily
you’d end up getting hurt

get out of the way
get out of the way
the elephants are coming through your town today

they’re great communicators
with waves called infrasound
seismically clear – you’d barely hear
them travel through the ground

and while the cows all stick together
and congregate at home
the bulls go out and walk about
they’d rather be alone

get out of the way
get out of the way
the elephants are coming through your house today

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06 Oct 2015

TMBG’S Dial-A-Song week 40 brings us an alternate version of Black Ops, originally heard on Nanobots. The collage slideshow video dedicated to all dystopian modernists was compiled by the inimitable Rolf Conant.

Pre-order new album Why?!

black ops black ops
a holiday for secret cops
black ops black ops
dropping presents from the helicopter

it’s been a long year
we’ve been so far from home
too many people here
here come the drones
we take the best of it
and make a mess of it
ripping up some lawn
and then we’re gone

black sites black sites
a thousand miles from day or night
black sites black sites
the story will remain unwritten

before we make you gone
you’d best be running on
stick to the music, child
don’t get us riled
hey, there’s a spot we missed
I see a communist
and there’s another one
and his dumb son

black ops black ops
little vials filled with knock-out drops
black ops black ops
Maybe leave you in your old gym locker

black ops black ops
a thousand miles from day or night
black ops black ops
a story told before rewriting

hey, there’s a passport here
but it could disappear
tarmac to landing pad
don’t look so sad
we fly to Amsterdam
and in a little bit
we’ll sing our special song
and this is it

you’ll be standing when the music stops
we’re not worrying about the optics

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18 Sep 2015

2015 may well prove to be the busiest on record in They Might Be Giants, and the intensity shows no sign of abating as tickets are now on sale for a string of UK dates in January and February 2016.

They Might Be Giants‘ last full-band show in the UK was a sold-out Shepherd’s Bush Empire in late 2013, however, the band, performing as a trio, thrilled a packed Rough Trade East for a one-off in-store show in July this year following a string of radio appearances on BBC Radio 2, 6 Music, Absolute Radio, BBC London and more.

Their new album Glean is out now and Dial-A-Song continues it’s run of exceptionally quality in delivering a brand new song & video every week in 2015.

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