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28 Jan 2011

There’s a weird but not-entirely-coincidental set of connections between Lojinx and The Click Five. Jez Ashurst (of Farrah) co-wrote a couple of songs with the band for their 2nd album. Ben Romans (of The Click Five) in turn keytar shredded on Farrah’s most recent album. Nate Campany engages most (all?) of The Click Five under the guise of his band The Serenade on The Only Bridge I Need. Nate co-write a couple of songs on The Click Five’s 2nd album as well as their forthcoming one. The Wellingtons played in the US with The Click Five. The Click Five went to Berklee, along with Bleu, Tracy Bonham and Nate Campany. Atomic Tom (“the iphone video band”) were produced by Ben Romans (of The Click Five) and their album, “The Moment”, features guest vocals by Michelle Margherita (of Farrah). Small world eh? I’m very pleased to say that we’ll be releasing The Click Five’s new album “TCV” later this year. We’ve been a fan of their music for a while so it’s really quite a thrill to have them join the Lojinx family. Here‘s a killer pop tune from their last album.

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06 Apr 2009

We here at Lojinx are really excited to be releasing “The Only Bridge I Need” – the debut release from Brooklyn alt-country troubadour Nate Campany and his musical band of brothers The Serenade.

Nate’s unique hybrid alt-country/pop sound is built upon a voice like burnt molasses, great arrangements and brilliant infectious songs.

We had the enormous pleasure of seeing him play live in the states a few weeks ago – first of all in Philadelphia with his band The Serenade, where he blew away The World Café; then at a more intimate show on the lower east side at NYC’s finest music hall, the Rockwood. It was simply Nate and a guitar, and he owned the room.

What’s even more exciting than “The Only Bridge I Need” being now available for pre-order in advance of the May release? The fact that Nate is touring the UK in May. You can catch him live all over the country – just him and his brown biscuit of a guitar – playing his special brand of Americana that’s a little bit pop, a little bit folk, a little bit country and a little bit rock n’roll. Think Harvest-era Neil Young meets Sweetheart Of The Rodeo era The Byrds and Nate fits in somewhere inbetween.

Hear it for yourself:

Available for pre-order in the Lojinx shop now.

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