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20 Dec 2012

Ken Stringfellow - Danzig In The Moonlight The first video from Ken Stringfellow’s Danzig In The Moonlight is hot off the moviola – Superwise.

it captures the elements of the song – the nonlinear nature of time in my Philip K Dick-ian cosmology, evolution, devolution and more in a vibrant, touching and charmingly funny way“, says Ken. “Filmed in Spain with me dropping in, ghostly, from whatever dimension I seem to inhabit“.

Danzig In The Moonlight is out now on heavyweight double vinyl LP, CD and digital.

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21 Nov 2012

Re:VERSION: “Seated on a barstool of Rotterdam’s finest cigar bar ‘The Cat’, right around the corner of De Unie, Ken Stringfellow -who you might recognize as frontman of The Posies- played for us an intimate session, including the song “110 or 220V” of his latest album ‘Danzig In The Moonlight’ and the duet “Doesn’t It Remind You Of Something” with Eva Auad. Filmed on Friday 2nd of November 2012.”

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16 Nov 2012

Ken Stringfellow @ The Lexington, 15/11/2012

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