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20 Dec 2016

A free download from They Might Be Giants, performing Flood live in its entirety on tour in Australia. DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Flood was They Might Be Giants third album, and was a remarkable moment in our career and development both creatively and professionally. Facing the specter of a label major deal and the critical magnifying glass turning to the “college rock scene” TMBG managed to fashion a sprawling original album both sonically engaging yet still closely following our original musical mission.

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23 Feb 2015

Decades before there was such a thing as “going viral,” quirky, pioneering college rockers They Might Be Giants were paving the way for the current generation of YouTubers, Vine stars, and Internet pranksters. And they did it totally analog-style.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of They Might Be Giants classic album ‘Flood’, the band and Yahoo Music are premiering a free download of the full album, recorded live in Australia. Read more >>

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