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14 Jan 2016
Clash Magazine premiere new Blitzen Trapper video

Clash Magazine has premiered the new Blitzen Trapper video for “Mystery and Wonder”. Released tomorrow is the Mystery and Wonder EP that includes two exclusive new songs: “Let The Cards Fall (Live on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic)” and “I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow”. The latter, a traditional American folk tune most recently known from “O Brother Where Art Thou?”, was recently recorded by the band for hit US TV show Fargo, in which it features.

The Mystery and Wonder EP is out tomorrow. Watch the video at Clash Magazine here.


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22 Dec 2015
Blitzen Trapper pay-what-you-wish christmas download

DOWNLOAD & GIVE! It’s the season of giving and we are so stoked to share our song ‘Christmas Is Coming Soon’ as a pay-what-you-wish download. All proceeds will go directly to Mercy Corps, who’s mission is to alleviate suffering, poverty, and oppression by helping to build secure, productive and just communities in some of the toughest places in the world. Download and give here:

Ten o’clock and all is well
April fools, string of shells
Countless blanks fired at will
Rocks upon the window sill
Christmas is coming soon…

Steve McQueen, high school girls
Blow a kiss, sandy pearls
Bullet holes, hidden scars
Making love in a stolen car
Christmas is coming soon…

Carefully she climbs up into the tree
Her radio sits below in the snow
Fill the night with songs
As she waits for dawn

Christmas is coming soon

Donkey kong, candle wax
Muddy stains on brand new slacks
Ten o’clock and all is well
Messy hair and jingle bells
Christmas is coming soon…

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26 Nov 2015

Blitzen Trapper‘s version of American folk song “Man Of Constant Sorrow” is featured in the latest episode of hit US TV series Fargo (Series 2, Episode 6).

It’s a a song that, over the years, has been recorded by the likes of Ginger Baker’s Air Force, with non other than Denny Lane (of Moody Blues & Wings) on lead vocal, and Bob Dylan but is probably best known in recent history from a version recorded for the film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”, performed by Dan Tyminski and credited as the fictional “Soggy Bottom Boys”.

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23 Nov 2015
Blitzen Trapper 2016 European Tour Dates Announced

06 FEB 16 Le Botanique, Brussels (BE)
07 FEB 16 The Hope & Ruin, Brighton (UK)
08 FEB 16 The Lexington, London (UK)
10 FEB 16 Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL) [“Blitzen Trapper plays Neil Young’s Harvest”]
11 FEB 16 C-Mine, Genk (BE)
12 FEB 16 Doornroosje, Nijmegen (NL)
13 FEB 16 Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam (NL)
14 FEB 16 Hafenklang, Hamburg (DE)
15 FEB 16 Pumpehuset, Copenhagen (DK)
16 FEB 16 Atlas, Aarhus (DK)
17 FEB 16 Pustervik, Gothenborg (SE)
18 FEB 16 The Crossroad Club, Oslo (NO)
19 FEB 16 Mejeriet, Lund (SE)
20 FEB 16 Privat Club, Berlin (DE)

Tickets available now at your preferred vendor.

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02 Oct 2015

While continuing to explore broad stylistic territory, Blitzen Trapper’s eighth studio album, a 10-song collection titled All Across This Land, stands as an exceptionally focused and immediate effort. Though it follows 2013’s somewhat experimental VII, a futuristic hip-hop/country-rock hybrid, All Across This Land, in contrast, is a top-down, tightly defined piece of classic rock and roll, full of big riffs, bigger hooks and compelling, instantly relatable lyrics. In sound and scope it recalls two of the band’s more beloved albums, 2008’s breakthrough fourth effort, Furr, and 2011’s landmark American Goldwing.

Blitzen Trapper All Across This LandWe recorded it specifically to be a two guitar, bass, drums and piano record,” Earley says. “Every song is a band song, and arranged just how we’d play it onstage. Because at this point, we’ve made tons of records and we’ve played tons of shows. And the people who come out to see us, they understand what we’re doing and they don’t care about genres or anything like that. They’re more interested in our actual specific unique personality as a band.

As for what that specific personality is? “I think there’s two kinds of songs I love to write,” Earley says. “I love songs that rock hard and that just make you feel good, and then I love songs that are sad and introspective and touch you in a very deep place.

Which, in essence, is exactly what Blitzen Trapper puts forth on All Across This Land. “I was trying to distill everything down to those two things,” Earley explains. And if, in doing so, the band happens to pick up a host of different sounds and styles along the way, so be it. “We’re never going to be a band that plays the same song over and over again,” he says. “We like to explore. And sometimes that’s not so easy for people to deal with. But we’re going to just keep on doing what we do.

All Across This Land is out now.

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28 Sep 2015
Video Premiere: Blitzen Trapper – All Across This Land

The AV Club has premiered Blitzen Trapper’s new video for album title track “All Across This Land“.

For its eighth album, All Across This Land, Blitzen Trapper made a record that’s decidedly American. Coming October 2 via Vagrant Records, the album sees the band return to the classic-rock strut of its Sub Pop years, with riffs that go full-on Southern rock. The A.V. Club is premiering the video for the album’s title track, in which the band dons a few different get-ups that reference various eras of rock history. In the video, directed by Alicia J. Rose, the band rides around in the back of a well-painted van, it takes in the sights and sounds of the country, then let them spill out in All Across This Land.

Out on Lojinx in Europe, you can pre-order LP, CD & digital HERE.


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22 Sep 2015
Blitzen Trapper – Love Grow Cold

The Wall Street Journal has premiered “Love Grow Cold”, a new song from Blitzen Trapper’s forthcoming album All Across This Land.

WSJ: The song is a wistful blend of downcast synthesizers, steel guitar and bright washes of reverberating electric guitar, along with Earley’s worn-in voice as he beseeches, “Honey, don’t you let your love grow cold.” The singer says he took inspiration from Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” and the Replacements’ “Rock and Roll Ghost.

I wanted it to be moody and tragic,” Earley says by email. “The lyrics are an attempt to call someone back from the edge where they might be wanting to give up on love.

Pre-Order on iTunes and get THREE tracks now:


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