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22 Feb 2013

Eclipsed Magazine, Germany. Loving the Eno/Lanois/Cash comparison.

22 Feb 2013

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The all-star project with Jim Kerr unfolds a subtle magic

Basically, one has I already do not feel like 1, an album more hear when behind each item with the stupid word “featuring” a guest post angekündigt is because it is often only the usual tribute stuff follows. And first in the moments one feels here a bit like in the shallow Radio landscape in which PetitessenPop a la Marit Larsen duration whispers.

But after a few unfolds Stucken The debut of one The Dark Flowers subtle, sinister magic.

Behind the alleged all-star project puts the English producer Paul Statham (Dido, Kylie Minogue), the “radio land” as a soundtrack to the book “The Motel Chronicles “,the autobiography of the actor and playwright Sam Shephard.

With it, he invited a handful of singers into the studio to his carefully tramping electronic beats, guitars and banjo sounds a melodic structure to give. Best manage the Jim Kerr of Simple Minds, the force his sonorous voice to the otherwise rather sallow Stucken one be easily recognisable gives. Some songs are however especially beguiling in its simplicity, about which of Shelly Poole infinitely delicate singing “All The Time Running”. Or if Catherine AD in “Aim For The Heart” balances between Beth Gibbons and Polly Jean Harvey.

In the end, no one knows exactly what’s going on: the somnambulant awesome elevator music of Brian Eno and the banalities of The Corrs? possibly indecision, the soundtrack only without the film.”“

04 Feb 2013

The Dark Flowers - Radioland The debut video from The Dark Flowers, “Fast Forest Rain”, is out. It features Norse godess Kate Havnevik and is taken from the debut album Radioland.

Radioland has been receiving glowing international press, with Mojo saying “a perfect album for a lonely winter night” (4/5) and Drowned In Sound commenting “basking in the collective back catalogues of some of the finest artists to grace British music over the past 30 years” (8/10), plus equally glowing reviews in Q, Les Inrocks & Rolling Stone.

The Dark Flowers Radioland is out now on CD, iTunes, Spotify and all good digital stores.

03 Feb 2013

Paul Statham & Jim Kerr of The Dark Flowers interviewed in the debut issue of Alt-Mu magazine.

24 Jan 2013
24 Jan 2013
28 Nov 2012

Excellent Mojo review for The Dark Flowers (out 21st Jan 2013).