Astral Drive I Can Dream

The soulful space-rock Astral Drive song machine returns hot-on-the heels of 2021’s self-titled “orange” album with a new melody-infused dream pop EP.

‘I Can Dream’ kicks off the three song collection at rocket-fueled tempo with a familiar Astral meter-bending level of free spirited playing. Packed with soulful, sunshine powered harmony vocals, uplifting lyrical themes prevail:

“I may never fly to the stars,
or dance like Fred Astaire,
but as long as I have high hopes,
I can be just who I am.
And i can dream”

‘I Can Dream’ is accompanied by a unique video promo starring the coolest fridge ever seen in a rock star kitchen. If you look close enough you’ll see a few nods to the musical influences of the Astral Drive sound.

Track two is a breathless cover of Todd Rundgren’s ‘Something To Fall Back On’. Re-arranged from Rundgren’s pioneering 80s digital ‘a cappella’ treatment into an Astral melange of plaintive string quartet, Weezer style party-rock and a healthy disrespect for the original.

Last up is ‘Amnesia’, an out take from the ‘orange’ album sessions. Crashing drums, trademark harmony vocals and throbbing synths accompany lyrical contemplations:

“Could you be a whole new human?
Or suffer the same delusions?
If you hit erase,
On the life you can’t face,
Would the future you taste,
Be sweet and new?”

The track was co-written with Canadian musician and journalist Paul Myers.

Bathe in the sonic sunshine of Astral Drive and who knows where your dreams could take you?

Astral Drive’s ‘I Can Dream’ EP is out now on British indie label Lojinx.