Farrah 'Me Too' review in Qmunicate Farrah Nov 2004 Qmunicate Fiona McKinlay

"pure indie pop magic"
"give Farrah a listen"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Get Ready To Rock Farrah Nov 2004 Get Ready To Rock David Randall READ >>

"this is refreshing...the perfect antidote to the long dark winter months."

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Whisperin' & Hollerin' Farrah Nov 2004 Whisperin' & Hollerin' Sam Saunders READ >>

"it's Power Pop, innit? And lovely too."

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Dripfed Farrah Nov 2004 Dripfed Steve Rudd

"one of the finest pop-rock records ever released in this country since time began"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in UKMIX Farrah Nov 2004 UKMIX Mathew Dixon READ >>

"If Farrah don't make it big, then a major injustice will have happened in the music industry."

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Fufkin Farrah Nov 2004 Fufkin Gary Glauber READ >>

"Me Too is the kind of album you rarely find these days - a pleasure to listen to from the opening track to its close"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Losing Today Farrah Nov 2003 Losing Today Tony Engelhart READ >>

"UK's answer to Weezer"

Farrah Aug 2001 The Fader Tripwire READ >>

"Farrah walk on the hallowed ground of The Beatles and The Beach Boys"
"one big aural picnic"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Classic Rock Society Farrah Classic Rock Society Terry Craven

"one of those albums that creeps up on you and gets into your head"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Rock Pulse Farrah Rock Pulse Nik Scott READ >>

"Sounds cheese on toast with a double side order of garlic bread"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Black Velvet Magazine Farrah Black Velvet Magazine Dave Cook

"a talented bunch"
"If you're life's needing something fresh and interesting in it then you need this album"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Is This Music? Farrah Is This Music?

"delightful pop genius"

The Bad Machines 'Telling Lies' review in Dripfed The Bad Machines Dripfed Steve Rudd READ >>

"heart and soul underpins a genuine emotional integrity"

The Bad Machines 'Telling Lies' review in musicpress.co.uk The Bad Machines musicpress.co.uk READ >>

"this is really an impressive CD"

The Bad Machines 'Telling Lies' review in The Irish Post The Bad Machines The Irish Post Amanda Diamond READ >>

"quality tunes that ought to be played often and at high volume"

The Bad Machines 'Telling Lies' review in CMU Music Network The Bad Machines CMU Music Network READ >>

"'Telling Lies' has some emotional resonance, as well as offering a feast for the ears of those who take pop music seriously"

The Bad Machines 'Telling Lies' review in Is This Music? The Bad Machines Is This Music?

"pop genius, electro perfection and indie greatness in pretty much every track"

The Bad Machines 'Telling Lies' review in New Noise The Bad Machines New Noise Simon Hawkins READ >>

"welcoming background music"

The Bad Machines 'Telling Lies' review in Music OMH The Bad Machines Music OMH Tony Heywood READ >>

"Café crème airy, light, a style that is dreamy and wistful but not cloying or emotionless."

"Think Phil Oakey's Sheffield brogue that bridged the Motown meets Autobahn melodies of The Human League or Barney Sumners paper thin voice providing frag

The Bad Machines 'Telling Lies' review in Kill The Noise The Bad Machines Kill The Noise Matt READ >>

"Telling Lies is as fresh and playful as it is stylish and dejected"

The Bad Machines 'Telling Lies' review in Revolution The Bad Machines Revolution Michael Atkinson READ >>

"The album is a refreshing alternative and requires very little effort to enjoy."

The Bad Machines 'Telling Lies' review in Damn Pest The Bad Machines Damn Pest Joey Sandinista READ >>

"Imagine the feeling of something seemingly lost but possibly retrievable, the emotions here are almost confessional and forgiving"

The Bad Machines 'Telling Lies' review in SF Burning The Bad Machines SF Burning Alexander Laurence READ >>

"More people should know about this record"

The Bad Machines 'Telling Lies' review in This Is Fake DIY The Bad Machines This Is Fake DIY Fiona McKinlay READ >>

"impossible to pick a favourite, but equally impossible to identify any filler", 4/5

The Bad Machines 'Telling Lies' review in The Mag The Bad Machines The Mag READ >>

"a mix of energetic and upbeat songs sitting alongside some hypnotic, slow numbers, all designed to get that weekend feeling flowing"