Sally Seltmann Catch Of The Day

Sally Seltmann has teamed up with Australian artist and animator Isobel Knowles once again to create a stunning visual accompaniment to her latest single Catch Of The Day.

Featuring dancing pineapple trees, waving fronds, dislocated skeletons and prancing ladies, the song inspired in Isobel thoughts of hot tropical nights from movies about island holidays. She says: “the song seemed like the soundtrack to a mermaid fantasy movie. I let it take me there.

Taken from her forthcoming album Hey Daydreamer, Catch Of The Day is an unbridled and joyous song fueled by Sally’s inimitable melodies and playful lyrics. 

Sally chose to record the majority of the album at home in her attic studio, working closely with her husband Darren Seltmann on co-production. "Darren has such a unique sensibility and vision," Sally says. "I felt so honored that he wanted to make this album with me."

Together Sally and Darren created a wild orchestral palette, with Sally recording the piano parts on her lounge room piano, as well as contributing synth, organ, guitar, bass and percussion to the recordings. The album also features a huge cast of guest players: incredible percussion performances from Bree van Reyk, beautiful pedal steel guitar by Michel Rose, plus all manner of horns, harps, and strings.

Sally Seltmann's previous albums include the 2010 Australian Prize shortlisted album 'Heart That's Pounding', and two critically acclaimed albums as New Buffalo ('The Last Beautiful Day', and 'Somewhere, Anywhere'). Sally is also a member of Seeker Lover Keeper and is well-known for having co-written Feist's hit '1234'. Sally's songs have been covered by several artists, including Bon Iver.