They Might Be Giants Dial A Song

Why is the world in love again? DIAL-A-SONG IS BACK AND ONLINE!

They Might Be Giants are returning to their roots as the progenitors of the FREE MUSIC FOR EVERYBODY movement with an exciting and ambitious project.

From the first downloadable album to audio and video podcasts to smart phone apps, They Might Be Giants' career has always been one of unlikely innovation. And now their most notorious innovation Dial-A-Song is back! Originally launched in 1983 from John Flansburgh’s Brooklyn kitchen via a consumer answering machine, Dial-A-Song let listeners in on the latest and greatest from the band years before their career took off on a national level. Now, for all of 2015, the Brooklyn originals return to their high concept/no budget idea via the web at

Every Tuesday in 2015 a new song will be posted for your streaming pleasure via and via TMBG’s YouTube channel ParticleMen (subscribe to their YouTube channel to get notice of postings straight away). The new songs will also be posted on their FREE smart phone apps. iPhone or iPad? Of course. Android? Oui.

The band have partnered with the always excellent Slate’s “The Gist” with Mike Pesca to premiere the new songs on their Monday night podcast, and are coordinating with a tight network of like-minded weekly college, community, and commercial radio shows interested in broadcasting this experiment in human happiness in all the sonic glory that is Dial-A-Song.

New tracks will also be available through iTunes and other fine online music purveyors. Two new albums "Glean" and "Why?", compiled from selected Dial-A-Song tracks, are out now.

  1. Erase [YouTube][iTunes]
  2. Madam, I Challenge You To A Duel [YouTube][iTunes]
  3. No Cops [YouTube][iTunes]
  4. Music Jail, Pt. 1 & 2 [YouTube][iTunes]
  5. Hate the Villanelle [YouTube][iTunes]
  6. Let Me Tell You About My Operation [YouTube][iTunes]
  7. Answer [YouTube][iTunes]
  8. I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar [YouTube][iTunes]
  9. I Can Help the Next in Line [YouTube][iTunes]
  10. Good To Be Alive [YouTube][iTunes]
  11. Unpronounceable [YouTube][iTunes]
  12. Underwater Woman [YouTube][iTunes]
  13. I'm A Coward [YouTube][iTunes]
  14. End of the Rope [YouTube][iTunes]
  15. Thinking Machine [YouTube][iTunes]
  16. All The Lazy Boyfriends [YouTube][iTunes]
  17. Impossibly New [YouTube][iTunes]
  18. Glean [YouTube][iTunes]
  19. ECNALUBMA [YouTube][iTunes]
  20. Starry Eyes [YouTube][iTunes]
  21. Aaa [YouTube][iTunes]
  22. Sold My Mind to The Kremlin [YouTube]
  23. Hello Mrs. Wheelyke [YouTube]
  24. The Summer Breeze [YouTube]
  25. Bills, Bills, Bills [YouTube]
  26. And Mom and Kid [YouTube]
  27. The Velvet Ape [YouTube]
  28. I Am Invisible [YouTube]
  29. Rock Club [YouTube]
  30. Walking My Cat Named Dog [YouTube]
  31. I Haven't Seen You In Forever [YouTube]
  32. Omnicorn [YouTube]
  33. Another Weirdo [YouTube]
  34. I Made A Mess [YouTube]
  35. What Did I Do To You? [YouTube]
  36. Definition of Good [YouTube]
  37. Trouble Awful Devil Evil [YouTube]
  38. Say Nice Things About Detroit [YouTube]
  39. Moles, Hounds, Bears, Bees and Hares [YouTube]
  40. Black Ops (alt. version) [YouTube]
  41. Prepare [YouTube]
  42. To A Forest [YouTube]
  43. It Said Something [YouTube]
  44. Elephants [YouTube]
  45. College Town [YouTube]
  46. Daylight [YouTube]
  47. Apophenia [YouTube]
  48. I Am Alone [YouTube]
  49. I'll Be Haunting You [YouTube]
  50. Long White Beard [Vimeo]
  51. I Love You For Psychological Reasons [YouTube]
  52. Shape Shifter [YouTube]