Farrah 'Me Too' review in Fufkin Nov 2004 Fufkin Gary Glauber READ >>

"Me Too is the kind of album you rarely find these days - a pleasure to listen to from the opening track to its close"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Losing Today Nov 2003 Losing Today Tony Engelhart READ >>

"UK's answer to Weezer"

Aug 2001 The Fader Tripwire READ >>

"Farrah walk on the hallowed ground of The Beatles and The Beach Boys"
"one big aural picnic"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Classic Rock Society Classic Rock Society Terry Craven

"one of those albums that creeps up on you and gets into your head"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Rock Pulse Rock Pulse Nik Scott READ >>

"Sounds cheese on toast with a double side order of garlic bread"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Black Velvet Magazine Black Velvet Magazine Dave Cook

"a talented bunch"
"If you're life's needing something fresh and interesting in it then you need this album"

Farrah 'Me Too' review in Is This Music? Is This Music?

"delightful pop genius"

Farrah 'Cut Out And Keep' review in Bucketfull of Brains Bucketfull of Brains Terry

" full of catchy memorable tunes"
"this is a great album"

Farrah 'Cut Out And Keep' review in The Organ The Organ Sean O. READ >>

"Extremely slick and just a little quirky around the edges"

Farrah 'Cut Out And Keep' review in Classic Rock Newswire Classic Rock Newswire Jason Ritchie

"their best album to date"
" full of gems..shows how pop rock should be done."