26 Aug 2016
Butch Walker’s Stay Gold – Out Now!

Butch Walker’s new album Stay Gold is released today! Available at your local record store and all the usual online places:

iTunes: http://ljx.cc/StayGoldITunes
Amazon MP3: http://ljx.cc/StayGoldAmazonMP3
Spotify: http://ljx.cc/StayGoldSpotify
Deezer: http://ljx.cc/StayGoldDeezer
Amazon CD: http://ljx.cc/StayGoldAmazonCD
Amazon LP: http://ljx.cc/StayGoldAmazonLP
Lojinx direct: https://www.lojinx.com/releases/butch-walker/stay-gold

Walker’s last album, 2015’s Ryan Adams’ produced Afraid Of Ghosts, was a cathartic record that dealt with a devastating personal experience, the passing of his father. This one’s a celebration. In Butch’s words, “After coming out of the AOG album cycle and tour where, at the risk of sounding ridiculous, I spent a lot of time on stage bawling my eyes out, I felt a very calm sense of peace. Like I’d done what I needed to do to get it outta my system. Every song that came after that was almost a nostalgic, celebratory…for lack of a better word – ‘jam.’ And the songs just kept coming to me, which was good because that’s not always the case!

Butch Walker

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