28 Apr 2014

They Might Be Giants have pulled off the seemingly inconceivable – they have continued to work, create and evolve musically, artistically and uninterrupted for 30 YEARS. During this time, the two-time GRAMMY winning Brooklyn originals diversified into television & film music—often with award-winning results—and have 16 vital studio albums under their belt.

They Might Be Giants Idlewild In celebration of the last 10 years of the band’s remarkable run, They Might Be Giants are releasing Idlewild, a 17-song compilation album named for their own US label, Idlewild Recordings.

“Idlewild: A Compilation” is neither a “best of” nor a rarities set. It is an ultra-vivid illustration of the bands prodigious output and singular musical vision. From the spare, folkie chug of “Words Are Like”, which originally appeared as part of TMBG’s internet-only collaboration with eMusic back in the dot.com era glory days of 2001, to the propulsive, dance floor groove of “You’re On Fire”, from last year’s Nanobots release, the scope of Idlewild is as wide as it is beguiling.

They Might Be Giants‘ album Idlewild will be release on Lojinx in Europe on 26th May and is available for pre-order now.

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