Ken Stringfellow Paradiso In The Moonlight

Paradiso In The Moonlight is a limited edition of 300 double vinyl heavyweight LPs capturing the Ken Stringfellow experience live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, in 2012. It includes a 1080p video download of the entire concert plus mp3 and 24/48 uncompressed audio files. It will not be released on CD.

"Anytime you assemble a dozen or so great musicians and let 'em rip, the results are bound to have an epic tinge. It's a spectacle just to see that much talent spread across one stage. But this night at Amsterdam's iconic Paradiso venue had another aspect to it - it nearly didn't happen at all. I was coming from a stateside recording session, and between Hurricane Sandy and mechanical delays, my flight barely made it and I barely made those flights. At each airport on the way I was forced into in a full-bore run with all my stuff to get to my gate. Arrive I did, and thank effin G, as the rescheduling of musicians, venue and me was a math problem best left at the outer edges of cloud computing. In my mind, I was overwhelmed by the fact that I almost missed making this happen, and you can see a mix of desperation to capitalize on this unlikely gathering and the sense of triumph where one lone man has overcome the cruelty and caprice of the indifferent gods...this is not a simulacrum of is itself Epic.

And it rocks. Nearly the complete cast of "Danzig in the Moonlight" is here - the rhythm section of Joost Kroon & JB Meijers; keyboard/accordionist Pim Kops, of Dutch legends De Dijk; the West Side Trio string section, themselves a subset of the venerable Metropole Orchestra; Roland Brunt and Peter van Soest, horn section for De Dijk; Eva Auad, a great artist in her own right on backing vocals; my heavenly honey-haired daughter Aden steps in for some vocals as well, and by great luck, legend of comedic stage and screen Margaret Cho reprises her role as my duet partner, as she does in the LP and video versions of "Doesn't It Remind You of Something". The album was mixed by theLAB who are the team behind Danzig."

We'll not see these 'lights of Europe' lit again in our lifetime...but it was perfectly documented this night.

(NOTE: Postage will be charged at actual cost. Unfortunately, double heavyweight vinyl is very expensive to post internationally from the UK)