Taylor Locke Running Away From Love

Watch Taylor Locke shave, play tennis and be chased by naked women - and more! - whilst piloting his couch around the streets and sidewalks of his native Los Angeles.

"As soon as I set my eyes and ass on a couch car, I knew it would be the only form of transportation that I'd ever need to make a music video about," says Taylor.

"Running Away From Love" is the debut single and video from Taylor Locke's forthcoming album. "Time Stands Still" is the first solo offering from the ex-Rooney guitarist and vocalist Taylor Locke and despite it's title, the record is a testament to creative momentum and personal growth for Locke. While it's Locke's first release as a true solo artist, it's not your typical singer songwriter fare.

"I think the term 'singer-songwriter' sadly evokes a white guy in a coffee shop strumming a fucking g-chord all day," explains Locke. "I think this record sounds more like a band record... the band just takes occasional smoke breaks."

Locke knows bands. The Los Angeles native spent his youth running all over town, sneaking into shows and taking in the boom of alternative bands that flowed through the city in the 90s. Locke began promoting and playing his own all ages show before he was a teen and by the time he graduated high school, his band Rooney, had inked a major record deal. Locke set out on a decade long trip around the world through bars, theaters, arenas, and recording studios of all shapes and sizes.

Although Locke's bombastic and dynamic guitar playing has defined him up to this point, it is his song construction, personal story telling, and boyish tenor that come to the forefront on "Time Stands Still." His guitar playing, which falls somewhere between the melodic drama of Brian May and the creative counterpoint of Joey Santiago, can still be found but it is the quiet moments of the album in which Locke expresses his thoughts on love, loss, nostalgia, and ultimately, maturation.

Locke and his co-producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist partner Kyle Fredrickson, have created a beautiful and concise pop record that is both timeless and contemporary. A wonderful blend of high fidelity sounds and home spun performances that evoke a range of emotions. The lyrics remain at the forefront of the album, leading the charge for the well arranged instruments to follow. In the end, this album is the sound of Taylor Locke moving on.

"Time Stands Still" we be released on CD, vinyl LP and digital formats in 2015.