12 Apr 2015
The Lost Brothers April & May tour dates

The Lost Brothers April & May tour dates

08 Apr 2015
Butch Walker announces UK shows for July

Butch Walker (Credit - Noah Abrams)

Hey hey hey… I’m coming, UK!!!! I got a couple shows for you after this North American Tour… the setlist I’m working on for this tour will be like NO OTHER TOUR I’ve done. I’ve dug deep into the well for some remakes of old stuff, pretty sweet covers, lots of favorites and some new album material too.

July 2nd London, Borderline (tickets)
July 3rd Manchester, Deaf Institute (tickets)

08 Apr 2015
Free Download: Fred Abbott’s Funny How Good It Feels

Fred Abbott

Following yesterday’s premiere in The Guardian, Fred Abbott’s solo debut is now available for free download via Soundcloud.

Fred Abbott will release his debut solo album, Serious Poke, on 20th July. The London-based musician, until now best known as lead guitarist and keyboard player in the recently disbanded Noah And The Whale, previews the album with a free download of the pop-rock gem, Funny How Good It Feels.

A supremely talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Fred Abbott joined Noah And The Whale in 2009 and went on to huge success with that group, especially notable being his contribution to 2011‘s Platinum-selling and highly acclaimed Last Night On Earth.

Abbott enlisted the help of his Noah And The Whale compadres and other friends for the recording of Serious Poke, with sessions taking place at West London’s British Grove Studios over the past year. The album was co-produced by Fred with Martin Hollis, whose diverse credits include Grinderman, The Rolling Stones and Take That.

Serious Poke will be released on Lojinx on 20th July.

07 Apr 2015
They Might Be Giants – End of the Rope (Dial-A-Song Week 14)

From TMBG’s upcoming album Glean which arrives 20th April. Video fully assembled from original parts created by Chris Smith for TMBG’s live show.

iTunes | Spotify | Dial-A-Song Direct

how thoughtless of me
how dumb can you be?
hopeless, wasn’t that
what you called me and in fact
it was even more true than you knew
where did the end of the rope go?
I forget now, did I let go?
after you left me hanging on your words
which hung down like a rope
where did the end of it go?
I’ll never know

you’re gone, but I’m still there
clawing at the air
now it’s curtains for me
and I’ll spend eternity
doing joyless cartwheels in the void
where did the end of the rope go?
I forget now, did I let go?
long ago you left me hanging on your words
which hung down like a rope from the sky
where did the end of it go?
no one can ever know

where did the end of the rope go?
I forget now, did I let go?
once upon a time you left me hanging from your words
which hung down in the ether like a rope from the sky
wherever did the end of it go?
no one can ever know

07 Apr 2015
The Guardian premiere Fred Abbott’s solo debut

Fred Abbott in The Guardian

The guitarist is the first NATW member out of the traps with new music – have a listen to his Tom Petty-indebted single here

04 Apr 2015
Lost In Austin Boat Ride with The Lost Brothers

SXSW 2015: Lost In Austin Boat Ride

There Goes The Gear were at SXSW for The Lost Brothers “Lost In Austin” Boat Ride. Read more >>

01 Apr 2015
They Might Be Giants announce new album “Glean” as Dial-A-Song continues every week throughout 2015

They Might Be Giants - Glean

2015 is already a landmark year in two-time Grammy winners They Might Be Giants‘ illustrious career. With the return of their Dial-A-Song service, the band have been posting a new track and accompanying music video every week to unanimous exclamations of joy from fans old and new.

Every Tuesday throughout the year a new song is posted via www.dialasong.com, TMBG’s “Particlemen” YouTube channel and on their free smartphone apps.

In celebration, the band is releasing GLEAN on 20th April via Lojinx in Europe and on 21st April in the US on their own Idlewild imprint. It includes 16 songs direct from these first weeks of their Dial-A-Song service. The range of these recordings is truly staggering. From the manic violin-driven ‘Music Jail, Pt. 1 & 2‘ to the bluesy grinding of ‘Underwater Woman,’ Glean comprises some of They Might Be Giants’ most vital work of their 30+ year career. With the album, TMBG’s sound is in equal turns as rocking, surprising, effervescent, and truly original as they have ever been. The highly anticipated album is produced with long-time collaborator Pat Dillett (St. Vincent, Mary J. Blige, David Byrne, Donald Fagen, etc), and comes hot on the heels of 2013’s fan-favourite Nanobots.

From the world’s first downloadable album to audio and video podcasts to smart phone apps, They Might Be Giants’ career has always been one of unlikely innovation. And now their most notorious innovation, Dial-A-Song, has been revitalised for 2015. Originally launched in 1983 from John Flansburgh’s Brooklyn kitchen via a consumer answering machine, Dial-A-Song let listeners in on the latest and greatest from the band years before their career took off on a international level.

In February the band announced a video contest for the lead single ‘Erase’, to be judged by Black Francis of the Pixies. As the 7th April deadline approaches, it’s sure to elicit spectacularly original results and the 3 winners will each be handsomely rewarded with a $1000 cash prize.

Pre-order Glean: https://www.lojinx.com/releases/they-might-be-giants/glean

They Might Be Giants


31 Mar 2015
They Might Be Giants – I’m A Coward (Dial-A-Song Week 13)

They Might Be Giants Dial-A-Song Week 13, “I’m A Coward”. Video created by Keira Alexandra and Work-Order. Magic by Mark Mitton.

iTunes | Spotify | Dial-A-Song Direct

I’m a coward
It’s a miracle I dare breathe
Overpowered by the gentlest summer breeze
Even when I close my eyes I like to think that I’m hiding

I need a confidant. A co-conspirator
To turn the tide on my losing side

I’m a coward
Guess I’d best make myself clear
I bet mumbles are what you’d expect to hear

I need a confidant who can see past my faults
And take the time to save me from myself
I need a confidant. A co-conspirator
To turn the tide on my losing side

29 Mar 2015
They Might Be Giants New Album

They Might Be Giants New Album

24 Mar 2015
Review: The Lost Brothers in R2 Magazine

The Lost Brothers review R2 Magazine

If you’re already acquainted with The Lost Brothers, then this is more of the loveliness. If you’re not, you ought to be