03 Jul 2015
Video: Fred Abbott – Adrenaline Shot

Premiere! Clash Magazine have premiered the new music video from Fred Abbott’s forthcoming album ‘Serious Poke’. Featuring former Noah And The Whale colleagues Matt Owens Music & Michael Petulla + Tom Figgins.

Preorder Serious Poke here:

30 Jun 2015
They Might Be Giants at Rough Trade East, London

They Might Be Giants at Rough Trade

TMBG will be performing live in-store at Rough Trade East on 20th July 2015 at 7pm.

More details here >>

30 Jun 2015
They Might Be Giants – And Mom and Kid (Dial-A-Song Week 26)

In celebration of marriage equality and family diversity please enjoy “And Mom and Kid”. Originally created for the HBO doc “A Family is A Family is A Family” celebrating family diversity for ALL! Visuals created by the Office of Paul Sahre.

27 Jun 2015
Guardian gig tombola: The Lost Brothers

Guardian gig tombola: The Lost Brothers

The Lost Brothers – two Irish brothers, each armed with an acoustic guitar and a bright and clear singing voice – play their traditional and delicate folk to remarkably soporific effect. Sending people to sleep is, for once, a testament to their music’s intended dreaminess: unashamedly and soothingly nostalgic, but never quite crossing over into tweeness, with lyrics that reference magicky folk tropes (mystical women etc), while sneaking in a bit of vague social commentary (“all we have is gold and silver”). They conclude by asking the audience to get on their feet – and the surprising effort made by slowly roused punters is enough to confirm the crowd’s affection.


26 Jun 2015
Fred Abbott is Classic Rock Magazine Track Of The Week

Fred Abbott is Classic Rock Magazine Track Of The Week

You may remember Fred Abbott as a member of indie-folksters Noah And The Whale, who split up earlier this year. Instead of gnashing his teeth and wailing like an abandoned tot, Fred has instead thrown himself into his debut album Serious Poke, and this — a joyous blast of rollicking rock’n’roll — is a taster. It’s Americana via London (he’s a big Tom Pretty fan, we hear) and we’ve filed it under “very pleasantly surprised, thank you very much.”


21 Jun 2015
Butch Walker – Father’s Day

I had fans send me pictures of their Dads who have passed away. This is my gift to you….. For Fathers Day – Butch Walker

Afraid Of Ghosts is out now:

16 Jun 2015
They Might Be Giants – The Summer Breeze (Dial-A-Song Week 24)

The 24th instalment of TMBG’s 52-week Dial-A-Song project in 2015.

in a summer house out on Cape Cod a number of years ago
my cousin Charles heard over the radio on WEEI
the story of an automobile that had driven from its garage
and killed a number of couples kissing down by the oceanside

Charles thought about the ocean’s waves down the road just a mile
and as he turned off the radio he saw with his own eyes
the very same door handle they spoke of hooked to that radio dial
and the summer breeze blew in the window
that hadn’t been open before

so if you hear a radio you had best beware
be sure there’s not a car around
because the legend still remains
there’s a car without a handle
and that car is still at large
there’s a car without a handle
and that car is still at large

11 Jun 2015
NPR Dial-A-Giant

NPR Dial-A-Giant

Listen to TMBG on NPR’s Ask Me Another here

05 Jun 2015
Butch Walker in The Telegraph’s 22 best country music albums of 2015

Butch Walker Telegraph

beautifully crafted songs, sung with feeling and subtlety and with lyrics full of honesty


04 Jun 2015
Video: The Lost Brothers – Can I Stay With You

Here’s is a new Lost Brothers video for “Can I Stay With You” video filmed on the road this year, created by Casey McBride.