20 Jul 2016

Some songs are often personal… I was talking to a friend of mine, Ashley Monroe, over telephone typing while she was on a flight to LA (airplane wifi.. My high school self would laugh at the possibility of this). We were getting real and talking about relationships and how it’s impossible for it to be as perfect as the movies made it out to be. Right about the time I asked how hers was, she said, “We’re Descending..” I had to ask, immediately, if everything was okay. She said, “yes! The plane is landing, so I gotta go..”. After I told her that I was worried she was referring to her relationship, I told her “that’s our song we are going to write”. We pretty much wrote most of the song via text, and got together and finished it in 10 minutes on my piano. Anyway… Here’s “Descending”…

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