06 Oct 2014


I’m thinking today is a day for new beginnings. Coming to terms with the past and living for the future. Letting go of then, and holding onto now. I’m really really proud of this one. Spent a year writing it. And 4 days recording it (exactly one year after the passing of my Father, Big Butch). My buddy Ryan Adams produced it at his Pax Am studios and we had some of our buddies come lend some vocal and instrumental love as well (Johnny Depp, Mike Viola, Bob Mould, and others). All live. All to an old tape machine. No computers. No fixes. Just music. I think I like this one a lot.

Here’s to coming to terms with your ghosts, taking what scares you the most.. And turning it into something real. So I’m welcoming to the world, a new album called Afraid of Ghosts….

1. Afraid Of Ghosts
2. I Love You
3. Chrissie Hynde
4. Still Drunk
5. How Are Things, Love
6. Bed On Fire
7. 21+
8. Autumn Leaves
9. Father’s Day
10. The Dark

Afraid of Ghosts comes out on February 3rd on Dangerbird Records in the US and Lojinx in the UK/Europe. More songs will be released periodically (so you don’t have to wait until February for it all), and I’ll also be playing a handful of these songs out on the Ryan dates.

For now, you can pre-order the album on iTunes for $7.99 and get an instant download of “Chrissie Hynde.” UK/Euro iTunes pre-order will be available tomorrow.

Vinyl and CD bundles are available through my webstore. UK/Europe you can order the CD + vinyl through the Lojinx store

See you soon.


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