30 Aug 2013
Butch Walker – Coming Home

Okay… It’s back ‘twerk I go… last week was an emotional roller coaster for me like no other. I won’t go into it here, but let’s just say I’ve got a lot to live up to for my Dad, and one of those things is doing the only thing i love and that he loved me doing…. GIVE YOU MUSIC.

I finally finished my new recordings and it’s coming out (on vinyl/cd/digital release) finally. PEACHTREE BATTLE is the name of the new record and i couldn’t be more proud of it. i decided, due to my father’s rapidly declining health to make this an EP, because i really wanted him to hear it before he left. His timing (being always punctual, if not early sometimes) left me with a collection of songs that are very near and dear to my heart. He woulda been proud, i think.

You can stream a new song off the EP “Coming Home” now on Rolling Stone.

i can’t wait for you to hear the rest of ‘em, more on that soon!


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