05 Oct 2012


So you know this supposed documentary called “Out of Focus” that we keep telling you about? i know… i know… stop throwing shit at me. we are gonna have it available for the public soon. the good news is, film festivals keep selecting it for screenings and the guys that made the documentary are pretty stoked on this.

there’s something cool going on at the world famous Arclight Cinemas in Los Angeles that the documentary is now a part of. they have selected it to be one among a very select few films for their big documentary festival that they curate. it has a chance for the filmmakers to win some cool stuff if selected 1st place, so i thought i would tell you guys about it so you can vote for it and make these guys happy for all of the hard work they put into this piece (which i PROMISE you will see for your own eyes very soon). until then, here’s the info and also a link to view the trailer. voting closes october 14th.

thanks and i love you all more than Rihanna hates clothes.

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