12 Jun 2012


Quarry Man

Not a big pond but I swam strong. Lots of sink holes. I think it’s a quarry, man made. Fiddle sticks and drum. The big jump. How I got here is easy, how to get Hume is another. Thanks to the man who came from Switzerland. What did he think? I didn’t sing anything off FIP. Gotta rembrandt that. Can you imagine if woody Guthrie had an iPhone. I miss Dan Bern. I miss Jill Sobule. I wanna pick them up and hold them. Squeeze the toothpaste out of them.

Here’s the rub
Soundtrack of my summer
El Mundo de perfecto
Primary care giver
Good ideas grow on trees
So much better
Closer cutter.

If you look at it that way I chewed and screwed. Not everything is a tally. Like one flower in a meadow verse 100,000. If the light hits it right it’s still there. Radiant. Alone against the stars. They say mind the GAP. We say fall into the GAP. They say punters. We say fans. And on and on. Quarry Man.

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