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  • Farrah 'Cut Out And Keep' review in Classic Rock Society
    Jun 2007 / Classic Rock Society (David Winstanley) READ >>
    "there isn't a weak track on here"
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in The Dwarf (Australia)
    Mar 2007 / The Dwarf (Australia) (Lily Flax) READ >>
    "a closer listen reveals the depth of their tunes and lyrics"
    "defiantly an album that would be played over and over again"
  • Farrah 'Cut Out And Keep' review in Drum Media (Australia)
    Feb 2007 / Drum Media (Australia) (Michael Smith) READ >>
    Feature - "A Sydney Girl In London"
  • Farrah 'Cut Out And Keep' review in Heat
    Jan 2007 / Heat READ >>
    Spotted mention.
  • Farrah 'Cut Out And Keep' review in BBC Website
    Jul 2005 / BBC Website (Colette Bridge) READ >>
    "some decent songs on offer."
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Rip & Burn
    Jun 2005 / Rip & Burn (KF) READ >>
    "Like busted without the cheekbones"
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Adult Contemporary Essentials
    Apr 2005 / Adult Contemporary Essentials (Mike Rea) READ >>
    "An album for everyone who misses Squeeze?s heyday, the pop is melodic, effortlessly arranged and delightfully short "
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Apple iTunes
    Mar 2005 / Apple iTunes READ >>
    single of the week
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Leeds Music Scene
    Mar 2005 / Leeds Music Scene (Laura Strain) READ >>
    "high-octane playground energy"
    "simply brilliant harmonies"
    "home to some openly and simply heartfelt lyrics"
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Rhythm & Booze
    Feb 2005 / Rhythm & Booze (Will Munn) READ >>
    "a truly exceptional album that I can't recommend enough"
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in State Of Emergency
    Feb 2005 / State Of Emergency (Becca Williams) READ >>
    "a perfect example of what pop-rock should be"
    "quirky ideas and beautiful twisting melodies create something quite special"
    "I defy anyone to dislike this band."
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Tasty Fanzine
    Feb 2005 / Tasty Fanzine (Luke Drozd) READ >>
    "the kind of band you really want to hate "
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Friends of the Heroes
    Dec 2004 / Friends of the Heroes (D Jo) READ >>
    "quality power pop that is well written...and is beautifully delivered "
    "Time after time the music infectiously kicks in and astuteness of the lyrics then completely hook your full attention"
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Kill The Noise
    Dec 2004 / Kill The Noise (Dan) READ >>
    "each track still overflows with emotion"
    "glistening three-minute guitar pop with a highly radio friendly edge"
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Nighttimes
    Nov 2004 / Nighttimes (Rob Forbes) READ >>
    "impeccably composed, power pop masterpiece"
    " it might just be pop perfection."
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Americana UK
    Nov 2004 / Americana UK (Jeremy Searle) READ >>
    "Summery powerpop par excellence"
    Recommended for improving your day."
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in RiRa
    Nov 2004 / RiRa (Ruari Nevin) READ >>
    "hook laden, bursting with pleasing riffs, lifting sounds and harmonies"
    " strong, perfectly hummable three-minute pop tunes and anthems"
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Fufkin
    Nov 2004 / Fufkin (Gary Glauber) READ >>
    "the kind of album you rarely find these days - a pleasure to listen to from the opening track to its close."
    "a tour-de-force"
    "Jez Ashurst is a great songwriter"
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Musicworkz
    Nov 2004 / Musicworkz (Stu Olds) READ >>
    "a fine power pop album"
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Qmunicate
    Nov 2004 / Qmunicate (Fiona McKinlay) READ >>
    "pure indie pop magic"
    "give Farrah a listen"
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Get Ready To Rock
    Nov 2004 / Get Ready To Rock (David Randall) READ >>
    "this is refreshing...the perfect antidote to the long dark winter months."
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Whisperin' & Hollerin'
    Nov 2004 / Whisperin' & Hollerin' (Sam Saunders) READ >>
    "it's Power Pop, innit? And lovely too."
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Dripfed
    Nov 2004 / Dripfed (Steve Rudd) READ >>
    "one of the finest pop-rock records ever released in this country since time began"
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in UKMIX
    Nov 2004 / UKMIX (Mathew Dixon) READ >>
    "If Farrah don't make it big, then a major injustice will have happened in the music industry."
  • Farrah 'Me Too' review in Fufkin
    Nov 2004 / Fufkin (Gary Glauber) READ >>
    "Me Too is the kind of album you rarely find these days - a pleasure to listen to from the opening track to its close"
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