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"an influence to more artists than people usually think"

The Click Five 'TCV' review in Let The Music Do The Talking The Click Five Jul 2011 Let The Music Do The Talking Sarah-Louise Kelly READ >>

"An enjoyable album that can be enjoyed by music fans across the board."

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"The Click Five have grown tremendously as a band and have found their niche"

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(single of the week)

The Click Five 'TCV' review in Ourzone Magazine The Click Five May 2011 Ourzone Magazine Angus Marriott READ >>

"the stunning rebirth of a band that have never quite found favour on these shores" 9/10

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"immediately accessible radio-friendly album that actually grows on you the more you listen to it"

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"sure to satisfy the ears of many" 4/5

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"there's plenty of reasons why you should pick up this album"

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"an album which aims high throughout and barely misses"

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"filled with plenty of ear candy that I want to return to over and over again"

Farrah 'Farrah' review in Bucketfull Of Brains Farrah Apr 2011 Bucketfull Of Brains Bill Holmes

"a vastly underappreciated pop band whose catalog is swimming in great songs"
"Farrah is simply bloody brilliant"

Bleu 'Four' review in Q Magazine Bleu Feb 2011 Q Magazine Peter Kane

"a bright, buzzy pop-rock affair, handsomely decorated..."

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"after listening to this album a few times you’ll soon begin to wonder just where he has been all your life"

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"with perseverance grows into a catchy, well-formed and varied sound"

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Bob Harris live session on Radio 2.

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"many glittering pop gems on an album studded with the things"

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"always of the highest quality"

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"every track is a perfectly formed vignette"

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"odd mixture of sweet and soothing melodies with daring and underground styles thrown in to scare listeners"

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Top 10 New Releases of 2010

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Acclaimed singer-songwriter Bleu wants to write a song just for you.

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"big melodies strapped firmly to blustery and majestic pomp"

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"the most consistent and versatile album he’s released to date"

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"a little something for everyone"